Bootstrapped Start-up Mad Over Print Will Let You Tell Tales Through Tees

Edward Hale once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Quoting some fancy words is one thing but proving them to be true with each passing day is easier said than done. One of the many names that truly shines out in this domain is Mad Over Print. Keeping true to its name, the bootstrap start-up has managed to make people fall for its quirky designs, timely deliveries, customer support and quality of work. For

those of you who don’t know, is an e-commerce website for unique and quirky merchandise; a place that has made creativity tangible with just a few clicks.

Talking about a dream turning into reality, the young CEO and Founder Mr. Anurag Srivastava says, “It has been a wholesome journey so far balanced out by both challenges and successes. What keeps the company running is the continuous and vigorous effort of each and every team member and what keeps the team going is the admiration and affection that keeps pouring into our inboxes. We have and we will do whatever it takes to bring a smile to all our customers.”

Rooted and nurtured by a passionate and dedicated team, MOP; as fondly called by those who are associated with it, has made a place of its own from the very first day of its conceptualization.

Their most recent stint has been their much talked about launch of Label MOP, an exclusive range of clothing line that offers basic, unisex T-shirts with minimal yet relatable designs. Whether you are a school going teenager or a or a professional engineer or even a home-maker by choice, their wide range of designs will have something for everyone. Made with the best of pre-shrunk fabric and bio wash technique, these Tees come with high quality print cut designs that suit every occasion and person alike. Having just stepped into the apparel line, MOP has amped up the market game giving the high quality product at a very affordable price. Going by the initial reviews of their new launch, the Tees are here to stay for a long, long time. The good word has it that their customers are full of praise and in the short span of time, some of them have also repeated their order; which very well levels up their stakes. MOP is slowly but surely on its way of winning the hearts of everyone who associates with it.

To sum up the biggest leap of the company, the Co-Founder Hemant Verma says, “The Label MOP project has taken months and months of effort and hardwork and is indeed the closest to our hearts and it has been totally worth it seeing the initial positive response that we have received from our customers. It is a matter of complete ecstasy that our work is out there for the world to see. Everyone on the team is nothing but excited and elated with the success of the launch and we are all geared up to take these scales even higher.”
Staying true to the nature of a start-up, the MOP Headquarter is a perfect amalgamation of creativity and flexibility; their second home as the team mates call it. If you follow their social media handles, it would be clearly evident that the team has deep rooted bonds celebrating not just professional successes but also personal achievements and even birthdays and festivals. Indeed a true picture of how a team that stays together and grows together. When asked about how the office culture and team spirit is maintained Mr. Srivastava explained, “We are a very close knit team with everyone bringing in something new to learn from. We learn from each other every single day and value each other through all times. From the very first day, we have made it a point to interact and communicate openly about everything. Everyone shares a good rapport putting in some healthy jokes and leg pulling to keep the office lively. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we consider the office as our home away from home and the team, our chosen family.”

Considering the current market situation where the risk of failure is hovering and stagnation is the constant evil, MOP stands tall with its feet on the ground and head held high having three office spaces in Delhi NCR. A one-man company that was started from a storeroom has now spread its wings with over twenty team members under its umbrella having shipped over 70,000 products in the initial three quarters and the prospects will keep getting better and we can look forward to seeing more people joining their little family this year. Looking at the consequential milestones that the company has achieved, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mad Over Print has indeed come a long way. But at the same time, it would also be safe to say that they have a longer way to go with big dreams, bigger fame and biggest success. This one is to passion, to courage, to dedication, to team spirit and of course, to dreaming and making it big!

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