Bridging the gap between music and NFTs, awaits a futuristic world with tech-based sonic gifts, highlights Ysquar3

The producer and DJ plans to take his melodic techno label Sanctum into the world of NFTs

Many new ventures, businesses, and brands have taken birth in the last few years across industries of the world. Did each one of them go ahead in standing unique or creating their unique niche? Well, there definitely have been a few that showed great promise, inspiring greatness in their sectors in unbelievable ways. The way these industries have been flourishing must also be credited to how well they have optimized the power of the latest tech trends and advancements with the genuine aim of offering their target demographic something new and unique. Among many industries following suit, how the music world could stay behind? Asks Yuvraj Singh Yadav, aka Ysquar3.


Since much tech advent has already happened across industries worldwide, it was high time even for the music industry to adapt to the same, for which music artists like Ysquar3 have contributed heavily and seek to do so even in the near future. It must be noted here how Ysquar3, a self-made producer and DJ with many hit tracks and music ventures to his name, now eyes on taking over the tech space for his love for tech since the beginning.


He thought, what better way to do that than to try and merge music with NFTs to offer listeners, audiences, and music lovers a one-of-a-kind immersive musical experience, which can lead them to a whole new world of music. For this, he plans to serve people with his melodic techno label Sanctum’s NFT very soon. Adding further, he says he would love to offer NFTs on each track of his under the avant-garde label.


Many music artists are already working towards creating a future of concert visuals, and Ysquar3 aims to be among them, to bridge the gap between music and NFTs through showcasing NFTs in incredibly immersive ways at his live performances around the world.


He is all set to offer people his tech-based sonic gifts creating a futuristic world everyone’s eagerly awaiting.

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