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Why BSE announcements are so important for your stocks and how to know when your stock has reached a certain price

Did you know how important role BSE announcements can play for your stocks? Did you know that a single announcement can take your stock higher or lower?

Don’t believe me. See this for yourself.

On 20th Sep, 2017, there was an announcement on Divi’s Laboratories Ltd.

Here is the time when the announcement came.

Here is what was in the announcement.

Of course, the announcement was on the positive side.

Now see how the stock reacted to the announcement.

Saw that big green candle? Notice the time for that. That’s when the stock started rising up because of that announcement. Now, of course not all announcements will have effect on stocks like this. The rule of the thumb is to find the ones that do. Here is one problem with getting announcements from any other website.

When you get to know the announcement, it’s already too late and the stock has already reacted to the announcement. Here comes marketatp.com.

You get all the announcements just right after when it’s announced on BSE announcements. Not just that, to make your work easier, you can subscribe to an index and you will be updated with any stock in that index.

There’s another feature to make your life easier as a trader or investor.

Ever been in a situation where you had to check again and again to check if a stock has reached a certain price, so that you could buy or sell. Well, we all have been in such situations and now no more wasting time like that with marketatp.com.

Just set a price alert for your stock on any exchange at any time and get a real-time alert whenever the stock reaches your target price. Thus, you save yourself a lot of time by not wasting time. Let us know how helpful you find MarketATP to be.

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