Byjus In Trouble Again, Physical Assault By Byjus Manager On His Employee

Inventiva recently came to know through internal sources that one of the employees of Byjus Mr. Manish Kumar has been physically assaulted by their manager in the Byjus for not brining the sales to the company, Mr. Manish while on personal call with Inventiva has told that this is a daily scenario where company verbally and physically assault their sales team for not brining sales to the company, the work environment of the company has become very toxic due to too much of pressure on its employee. The floor managers who had assaulted Mr. Manish Kumar are Tarkesh Khilwani , Ashwani Upadhyay. A police complaint in this regard has been filed with police in patna.

The harrasment didnt stopped here, within 24 hours of this incident, Mr. Manish Kumar has got his termination letter from senior management without any discussions and giving a fair chance to explain the situation. 

Byjus as we all know is the leading edtech startup in India and is a unicorn, Byjus recently has self proclaimed its valuation to be around 27 Billion USD in India but has failed miserably in terms of profit generation.

Byjus also recently acquired Akash Institute and has failed to make the full payment to Akash Institute.

Byjus has claimed that they have made all the payments to akash according to some media reports but it has come to our knowledge that Byjus has a large chunk of money unpaid to Akash.

Byjus and all its subsidiaries including white-hat junior has also been laying off their staff due to loss of revenue and profits and in the last 60 days laid off more than 2000+ staff from its multiple verticals.

Byju’s is an Indian multinational educational technology company, headquartered in Bangalore. It was founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath. As of March 2022, Byju’s is valued at US$22 billion and has over 115 million registered students.
Since its starting byjus has been in heavy losses and solely rely on fundings.

Despite its losses in accounts, byjus has been aggressively acquiring other ed-tech startups to over come the competition.
It has already been in news during the acquiring of White Hat Junior.
White hat junior was an edtech company providing coding coureses to kids aged between 5-15 years.

Whitehat was also in news for its over ambitious advertising and claiming to teach kids aged 5-15 years coding and app development.
Some time back, white hat junior also seek an apology for claiming that one of its student aged 15 has been selected by google for a whopping salary package of 45 crores.

The employee of byjus who has been physically assaulted by his manager in Byjus has made a police FIR in patna

*This is an updating story and Inventiva will keep adding more information as it receive

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