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Choc-a-bloc with AI: Race to embrace automation gets grisly!

Imagine a machine capable of beating the world chess champion or how about a computer program capable of playing soccer. Still not satisfied, what if I told you we have designed an application that is capable of controlling your cars and in addition to that it can also talk to others cars in its surroundings so that your safety is never compromised. Still not there yet, what if I hand over to you a machine that can perceive, recognize and learn to perform your mundane cluster of tasks such that washing, cleaning or even protecting your home!! In addition, it is able to perceive your emotions far more accurately than any other human being on the planet. Satisfied !! Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all to the wonderful world of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or an ‘Era of Machines’, where a machine is able to mimic human cognition. A more formal definition of artificial intelligence says- a branch of computer science dealing with simulation of intelligent behavior in computers.

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was first coined by John McCarthy in the year 1955. AI was in the market for quite a long time but it has only been half a decade when companies are able to realize the real potential of AI. Although it is too soon to expect machines in operations that can perform tasks that were described in the above paragraph there is no second thought in saying that the effect of AI cannot be seen in our everyday life. To start off with humble beginnings lets start with Google photos which automatically pulls out mundane photographs such as screenshots, photos of receipts and closeup of your office desk and archives them using the AI tool. Next, we also have IBM’s infamous product IBM Watson which is a superset of Google’s voice assist. Like the Google’s voice assist it can easily transform voice to text but in addition to that it can also help you create marketing strategies like what should be the target audience and even a logo for your product and that is possible by only saying a single sentence. Another application called Prisma is capable of transforming photos taken by your smartphone into AI-created work of art. Prisma is the perfect example of how we can combine art with Artificial Intelligence. The AI has not only left its mark in the field of art but also in the field of Scientific research. We are all aware of the fact that there are millions of research paper written every day and finding the relevant scientific finding can be like finding a needle in a haystack. A company named Irish AI has designed a system that can help us scroll through a scientific research paper and provide us with relevant scientific findings. Let’s add another example, we all recognize the importance of logos for a company and it must also be unique. Established companies can use TradeMarkVision AI to check if in case someone might infringe on own. The reach of AI is also much beyond our computers and logos. It can also help us to predict an event such as food shortage.

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Apoorv Kumar

Associate Consultant at Lochbridge

A company named Descartes labs uses machine learning on satellite imaginary and helps us predict the crop yield and major events such as food shortage.

As you can clearly observe that AI has already made an impact on many fields and there is much more to come in near future and one of the major areas that we would all see its impact in is the automation in driving. It is often pointed that the machine intelligence is only limited to human intelligence. However, this assumption holds true only if we assume that the growth technology as null or void and if you go through the history of technology (both H/W and S/W) it been showcasing tremendous change from the past century. Also if we don’t hold on to our last assumption machine learning through experiences can also come into picture making the bots adaptive to uncertain events with the progress of time.

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