Coop Cab’s Hail & Go services shall change the way you book rides

Today, our smart phones have changed our lives in ways no one could have imagined. From shopping online to paying your rent to booking cabs…do we not all depend on these game-changers infinitely now?

However, have you thought about what’s the single most important thing we’re mostly dependent on as users of smart phones? More than the phone themselves, it is the mobile data, wifi or internet connection that lets us reap the benefits of technology, order food online and book cabs!

Imagine depending on your phone for getting you safe and sound home from work each day. We’re so habituated to just tap on to launch the cab booking app and book a ride each day. However what happens if one day you realize that you’re out of data and that there’s no wifi in the vicinity? Feeling stranded already?

To address this and more – the user-centric Coop Cab have introduced their new feature of ‘Hail & Go’.

So, what is this Hail & Go service? Remember those good old days where all you got to do was walk on to the street and hail a ‘kaali peeli’? Now you can do the same but with better car models and reliable facilities.

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Yes, now if you see an empty Coop Cab, you can have it to stop by signalling. Just the way it’s done with an auto rickshaw. No prior booking is required.

The driver shall stop and ask you for an OTP. This OTP can be generated by sending a simple SMS to Coop Short Code number. The driver then feeds in the OTP and location, thereby starting the fare calculator.

Any requirement of data or internet? No! So next time the 4G is acting up on you, you know what’s to be done. Just Hail and go! All you need is a working mobile phone which can send an SMS.

In fact, the Hail & Go feature is a game-changer in ways more than the above too.

Imagine you and your friends are already out vagabonding on the street. You realize you cannot walk anymore and would much rather cab it to the destination. You spot a Coop Cab driving past, all you got to do is call out to the driver.

No time wasted on opening the app, searching for cabs etc. It’s that easy and swift! Much like the old system of hailing taxis from the road. Stopping a free taxi driver while on the road had its convenience in place, this however, couples that with the luxury and safety of an app-booked service.

Moreover via their Hail & Go service, Coop Cab has made the entire process of app-based cab booking even easier, faster and customer-oriented. You can now call and SMS for a cab as opposed to going through the app.

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There is a driver helpline number that you can ring on for calling a cab. You send an SMS for the OTP and Voila – your job is done and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Thus only with one traditional call and one text message, you can now book cabs, unlike in the case of other big players of the industry.

What’s more? No surge pricing, discounted rates and frequent introductory promo coupons. Expect deals such as night-travel waive offs or a third free ride after the first two paid ones.

Coop Cab came into existence in 2018 as a means of solving the issue of safety and security, especially in cities such as Delhi. Thus, you can rest assured of a safe travelling environment while hailing a Coop Cab.

So, hail your Coop from now for added luxurious ease!

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