COVID-19: CHEAPEST Testing Kit developed in India for Rs 400!

When the coronavirus has held the whole nation by alarm, in a one of a kind exertion, specialists at IIT Kharagpur have advanced a novel convenient fast indicative gadget to identify Covid-19 contamination. This first-of-its-sort gadget will bring the testing for Covid-19 out from the dividers of costly research facilities and RT-PCR machines and empower testing at moderate expenses for the under-served network over the world.


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With an extraordinary component of being a versatile test unit, this whole test with the separated RNA from the patient spit tests can be directed in an ultra-minimal effort compact fenced-in area as an option in contrast to particular research center hardware. A similar compact unit can be utilized for an enormous number of tests, on insignificant substitution of the paper cartridge after each test. The gadget has been refuted to deliver no outcomes with momentous precision and affectability perfect with standard RT-PCR tests. While other test units are restricted to a specific number of tests it can test, this compact quick test pack can keep testing tests after a minor substitution of the paper cartridge post each test.

This test has a remarkable minimal effort of not as much as INR 400/ – per test, considering all parts of costs and plan of action.

This first-of-its-sort gadget can test each example at the expense of Rs.400 and the test outcomes can be found out inside 60 minutes. The outcomes will later be accessible in a cell phone application.


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Why IIT Kharagpur’s test unit is valuable?

Considering the looming episode of Covid-19 contamination at logically progressively topographical areas with the foreseen increase in the quantity of influenced faculty at an emotional rate, there is an eminent need to run enormous quantities of dependable analytic tests at reasonable expense and insignificant infrastructural support, for checking the beginning phases of movement of the sickness when huge numbers of the tainted people don’t display perceivable side effects of the disease.

Nonetheless, the testing advances as of now underuse are profoundly costly, regardless of the developments in minimal effort testing packs as the real testing hardware cost stays high.

The further testing component has strategic issues due to the infrastructural necessity of the testing places.

The gadget is equipped for directing the recognition of the viral genomic RNA in an ultra-minimal effort versatile walled in the area as an option to profoundly costly RT-PCR machine. A similar convenient unit can be utilized for countless tests, on unimportant substitution of the paper cartridge after each test. The new gadget has been intended to be usable at areas with incredibly helpless assets in an uncontrolled domain, providing food the necessities of the underserved populace. Additionally, it tends to be worked by insignificantly prepared faculty, blocking the requirements for talented professionals.

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With the gadget, called Covirap, each test can be directed in an hour and results can be made accessible through an altered cell phone application.

The minimal effort versatile fast testing gadget to distinguish Covid-19 that costs not as much as Rs 400 for every test with the gadget which the IIT Kharagpur analysts guarantee is the “first-of-its-sort.”

“This first-of-its-sort gadget will bring the testing for Covid-19 out from the dividers of costly research facilities and RT-PCR machines and empower testing at reasonable expenses for the under-served network over the world,” expressed a discharge gave by IIT Kharagpur.

The gadget costs about Rs 2000 if a pilot office is utilized yet the cost will descend further with increment underway scale.

“This contrasts well and the RT PCR machine costing Rs 15 lakhs,” expressed the discharge.

The brainchild of Prof. Suman Chakraborty from the Mechanical Engineering Department and Dr. Arindam Mondal from the School of BioScience of IIT Kharagpur; the gadget is fit for directing an enormous number of tests on substitution of the paper cartridge after each test.


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How does the Covid-19 unit work?

Prof. Suman Chakraborty from the Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur, and Dr. Arindam Mondal from the School of BioScience, IIT Kharagpur, concocted the idea of a convenient non-obtrusive quick identification test for Covid-19 along these lines taking the testing instrument to an unheard-of level. The innovation conveys an expendable basic paper-strip for concoction examination and perception of results.

Prof. Chakraborty called attention to that during the evaluation of the utility of a particular strategy for infection identification, the way that the expense of the test unit may not be the most critical truth regarding giving moderate determination is frequently disregarded. The gadget can not exclusively be utilized for identification of Covid-19 disease yet in addition to the recognition of some other sort of RNA infection following a similar conventional methodology.

Featuring the requirement for such hardware, Prof. Suman Chakraborty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, stated,

“In surveying the utility of a particular strategy for ailment location, there is a typical inability to perceive that the expense of the test unit may not end up being the most basic factor from the perspective of moderate determination, not at all like what is by and large normally depicted.”


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On the operational front, the gadget requires a solitary drop of blood and a drop of reagent (a substance used to cause a synthetic response) on the paper-based response chamber.

This identification strategy is intended to outfit the progression of blood from an information source cushion to a response cushion for determination.

“Contrasted with other detailed versatile gadgets for hemoglobin estimation, this gadget is implementable with no prepared work force at asset constrained settings. The more prominent test is the finished end of the requirement for any particular foundation and guaranteeing the chance of leading tests at an enormous scope easily without traded off precision. The RT-PCR based tests experience the ill effects of a convincing requirement of requiring an intricate research facility foundation and emotionally supportive network including the operational and upkeep cost, to play out the tests,” said Chakraborty.

As indicated by the explores of IIT Kharagpur who took a shot at this gadget, state that the gadget has been refuted to deliver no outcome with exceptional precision and affectability good with standard RT-PCR tests.

Further, Dr. Arindam Mondal, Assistant Professor, School of BioScience, IIT Kharagpur, included,

“The one of a kind compact gadget created by the IIT Kharagpur scientists has not exclusively been approved for the diagnostics of Covid-19 yet additionally been intended to be fit for distinguishing some other sort of RNA infection by following a similar conventional method. The effect of this, in this manner, is enduring, engaged by the ability of distinguishing unanticipated viral pandemics in the coming years that may conceivably imperil human lives over and over.”


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Broad approval tests have been directed for blood glucose and hemoglobin at research centers just as in the field, both in clinical conditions and towns with constrained clinical offices.

“We have tried it at outrageous testing condition with uncontrolled earth, residue and moistness, and without organized facilities or cooled obsessive research facilities to work,” Dr Satadal Saha, visiting teacher at the School of Medical Science and Technology of IIT Kharagpur, said. Saha alongside Chakraborty drove the joint group for field work.

“It empowers COVID testing in ultra-ease versatile walled in the area as an option in contrast to particular lab gear,” the analysts guarantee. The item is yet to experience free administrative investigation for security and viability.

Expressing that the way toward getting it approved by ICMR establishments and looking for showcasing endorsement from the workplace of the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) is being started, Suman Chakraborty, one of the lead scientists, said that their own preliminaries saw the result as precisely indistinguishable from that of an RT-PCR test.

“The outcomes from this new innovation have been carefully approved by following all settled research center controls against the benchmarked results acquired from RT-PCR machine, utilizing engineered viral RNA. The manufactured RNA is actually the equivalent duplicate of the viral RNA separated from tainted patients, according to acknowledged logical benchmarking technique, and is utilized for approving research facility tests to dodge unnecessary defilement and risk because of spreading of disease while dealing with touchy body-liquid examples,” they state.


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An application for Indian patent has been recorded, and specialists hope to catch up with a worldwide patent application as well.

That aside, IIT Kharagpur is prepared for the commercialization of the item. Any corporate or start-up can move toward the Institute for innovation authorizing and business size of creation. The Institute is available to tie-ups, including a mode where the administration intercedes with respect to meeting our minimal effort social insurance objective for the under-served network as an approach measure to secure the enthusiasm of general wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic circumstance, rather than simply building up a solid benefit situated model.

Alongside its endeavors to procure administrative clearances, the college is additionally exploring business accomplices. While the gear delivered in their pilot office costs Rs 2,000, the specialists state the cost will catch increment in the size of creation.

The task was attempted in late April utilizing the assets set up by IIT Kharagpur to help COVID-19 related examination and item improvement.

“This extraordinary advancement is lined up with the Institutional vision to grow very good quality social insurance advances that can be managed by the sickly everyday citizens all around the world at for all intents and purposes no expense, and is probably going to make huge discovery in worldwide viral pandemic administration,” V K Tewari, Director IIT Kharagpur said.


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Recently, a record number of more than 4.2 lakh COVID tests have been led in a solitary day by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Saturday.

As per an official arrival of the Union Health Ministry, with 4,20,898 examples tried over the most recent 24 hours, the tests per million (TPM) have additionally expanded to 11,485 and combined testing to 1,58,49,068.

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