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Crisis in IIT Placements: An In-Depth Investigation

Overview of the Placement Crisis

The year 2024 has seen an alarming trend in placements across the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Data reveals that a staggering 40% of students have not secured any employment. This situation is unprecedented and highlights a severe issue within the placement system of these renowned institutions.

Shocking Facts About IIT Placements

1. High Unemployment Rates in Top IITs

In elite institutions like IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi, a concerning 33% to 40% of students are still without job offers. This is a stark contrast to the typically high placement rates associated with these top-tier IITs, raising questions about the underlying causes.

2. Dire Situation in Newer IITs

The scenario is even more grim in newer IITs such as IIT Gandhinagar. Here, between 59% to 69% of students are yet to find employment. This disparity underscores the challenges newer IITs face in matching the placement success of their older counterparts.

3. Disparity in Salary Packages

While a few high-paying packages exceeding Rs 1 crore per annum grab headlines, the reality for many students is much bleaker. Numerous graduates are being offered as low as Rs 3 to 5 lakh per annum. This wide gap in salary packages highlights a significant issue of underemployment, where students are forced to accept roles that do not match their qualifications and expectations.

4. Departmental Discrepancies

The job scarcity is predominantly affecting departments outside of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Students from Mechanical, Civil, and Chemical Engineering departments, among others, are facing severe challenges in securing jobs, coupled with lower salary offers when compared to their peers in more sought-after disciplines.

5. Impact on Mental Health

The ongoing placement crisis is not just an economic issue but also a mental health crisis. The uncertainty and pressure are taking a toll on students and their families, affecting their mental well-being and causing significant stress and anxiety.

Options for Students

With the bleak placement scenario, students are left with limited options:

  1. Higher Studies: Pursuing postgraduate studies domestically or internationally.
  2. Competitive Exams: Preparing for government jobs or other competitive examinations.
  3. Entrepreneurship: Venturing into startups, though this comes with its own set of challenges and uncertainties.

Analyzing the Root Causes

1. Economic Growth vs. Job Creation

Despite India’s robust economic growth rate of 6.2%, it has not translated into adequate job creation. The disconnect between economic indicators and employment opportunities is a critical issue that needs addressing.

2. IT Sector Hiring Freeze

While sectors like product and automotive are hiring, the IT industry, a major employer of IIT graduates, has imposed hiring freezes. This stagnation, despite promises of revival, has severely impacted the job market for fresh graduates.

3. Automation and AI Impact

The advent of AI, ML, and data science is significantly altering the job landscape. According to a report by Goldman Sachs, AI-driven automation could eliminate up to 30 crore full-time jobs globally. This technological shift is contributing to the reduction in available positions for new graduates.

4. Increasing Batch Sizes and Alumni Support

The growing batch sizes at IITs are not being matched by corresponding increases in job opportunities. Additionally, the lack of robust support from alumni networks exacerbates the placement challenges, especially for newer IITs.

5. Remote Location Disadvantage

The rise of online communication and remote work has paradoxically disadvantaged many IITs located in less accessible areas. Offsite placements and remote hiring processes often bypass these institutions, leading to fewer opportunities for their students.

The Reality Behind the Headlines

Media coverage has traditionally focused on the few high-value packages offered on the first day of placements, creating a myth of universal high success. However, the current crisis exposes the harsh reality that many students face, shattering the illusion of guaranteed lucrative employment for all IIT graduates.


The IIT placement crisis of 2024 is a multifaceted problem, stemming from economic, technological, and institutional challenges. Addressing this issue requires a comprehensive approach involving policy changes, industry collaboration, and enhanced support systems for students. Only then can the IITs restore their reputation as guaranteed gateways to successful careers.



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