Delhi records second hottest April in 72 years

Delhi recorded its second hottest April in 72 years with a monthly average maximum temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius, the India Meteorological Department said on Friday.

The city’s normal monthly average temperature in April is 36.30 degrees Celsius.

In 2010, Delhi had logged an average monthly maximum temperature of 40.4 degrees Celsius.

It recorded a monthly average maximum temperature of 37.30 degrees Celsius in April last year, 35.30 degrees Celsius in 2020, and 37.30 degrees Celsius in 2019.

The national capital experienced three prolonged heatwaves this month in the absence of periodic light rainfall and thundershowers which typify this time of the year due to lack of active western disturbances.

Delhi gets 12.2 mm of rainfall in April on average. This time, it received a paltry 0.3 mm of precipitation.

Barring April 21, when the maximum temperature settled at 35.2 degrees Celsius, Delhi recorded above-normal maximum temperature on all days.

The city recorded a high of 43.5 degrees Celsius on April 28 and April 29. This was the highest maximum temperature on an April day in Delhi in 12 years.

The national capital had recorded a maximum temperature of 43.7 degrees Celsius on April 18, 2010.

The all-time high temperature for the month is 45.6 degrees Celsius, which was recorded on April 29, 1941.

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