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Leading a healthy life is a personal choice more than a responsibility that we entrust on our systems and excuses of not getting the time to stay healthy. We regularly see on headlines these days about how problems of obesity, overweight and lifestyle disorders are taking over the modern society by storm. It’s time that each individual must take responsibility of their own preferences, actions and overall health. It is much needed as when someone decides to convert their unhealthy ways into healthy options, the chances of falling prey to diseases reduces and also reduces the chances of future ailments. Many of us don’t realize the amount of stress that we put on our mind and body when we do not supply them with the proper levels of vitamins and hormones required for healthy living.

Begin with YOU

In the regime to live a healthy life one does not have to undertake or make huge changes in their whole world. It can all start from small changes like: how about instead of driving to the nearest grocery store or dropping the child to the bus stop one can walk down? Or instead of directly going to bed after dinner, take a few minutes with the family to chit chat for some time. These small adjustments can bring about considerable change to the way one lives and can bring about huge impacts on long term health and wellbeing.

The idea of making these small changes is to bring about subtle, progressive and bigger changes in the long run. It is believed that to start any change, it has to start from YOU. These progressive changes can further be increased over time with adding more efforts in the way of healthy living like: adding more fruits and vegetables in regular diets, eliminating sugar intakes, consuming less or no processed and junk foods, exercising regularly, drinking more water in a day, and getting more of sleep and many more.

Knowing the unhealthy reasons of living

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Now that we know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, we all should be aware of the reasons why one chose the unhealthy way. Education on the subject of healthy lifestyle is the key towards achieving it. There are many factors of choosing a non-healthy way of living, and some of which is as mentioned here:

  • Too much information: with so much of improper and inadequate information available these days with everything about the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe and everything other that is required to live, that we start believing that we know everything and start doing everything at one time without proper understanding of any particular aspect and thereby landing ourselves in an incomplete state of everything.

For e.g. there are numerous information available on facts like – drinking alcohol is good for health. Without reading or understanding the full story and facts behind it we start to believe that alcohol consumption on a regular basis is a good habit.

  • Too many choices in offer: good and bad things doesn’t comes with a label on it. With end number of choices available of a particular product, people tend to choose what they feel is best for them and falls prey to the grey area, without consciously understanding that what they have selected might not be the right choice. The best way to go about is firstly eliminating all that is known not to be good and then make a choice.

For e.g. many food items that we consume have chemical and industrial by products infused in them but are still labelled as organic which actually means they are not purely natural and have additives that makes them vulnerable for health.

  • Too much stress: stress is the most common lifestyle disorder of the modern world. In order to get relived from stress many tend to eat more or take to smoking and drinking to calm down. These immediate remedies though gives a temporary relief, contributes in a big way towards poor and deteriorating health.

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The best thing to do is not allowing anything to let you down or set you back towards your decision of living a healthy life. The key is to keep yourself motivated and pat yourself of any achievement and allowing yourself to break free at times. Once you adopt to a healthy way of living you will repent of not doing it earlier and feel like a new you.

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