Digital is Future and business is built on relationships

There are various ways of reaching out to the potential markets and customers. Each having its own said merits given the type of industry an organisation is catering to. Plotting the most exhaustive list of such models is the first step every marketeer would do while arriving at the most befitting engagement plan.

Now there are options that a marketing head would get from organisations who come up with proposals to optimally stretch their marketing dollars. These comes in various forms, viz., using print & online medium for advertising or editorial; participation in third party exhibitions/conferences; deploying social media & PR Tools; deploying Virtual reality and AI tools …. etc.

Two people, with knowledge on most of these offerings and also equipped with an understanding of the dilemma that a marketing director goes through before picking the right Ace for his go-to-market, chose to take up this evaluation of what works better in the overall quest to get the right connect and ensure business growth for the marketers. For the records, both these people were offering such solutions to marketers across industry.

They went about with the SWOT analysis of each tool and concluded that there was a need as well as room for a marketing solutions company. This led to the formation of a company titled i3R Global that has the most optimal tool for any marketer. All the solutions rendered are customized to the market requirement and is in sync with the marketer’s approach.

The vision of i3R Global is to resolve marketer’s dilemma of picking up what would work for his organisation. While the solutions cut across most of the tools listed above, the underlying factor is that businesses are done best when there’s highest degree of networking and engagement. These two elements form the basis of the solutions proposed to the clients.

When it comes to the digital solutions, a lot of interactivity element is added. One of the best approaches for a marketer is to get the leadership team to interact with the existing and prospective customers in a face to face engagement. The phrase “All work and no play….” has been taken up very seriously in all the solutions offered by i3R. Reduced amount of direct sales pitch and informal networking is what has got all i3R customers more rewards than what was previously achieved.

Recent success stories:

  • Created an annual platform titled InnerCircle that delivers a 20X business from the participants. The number of participants in the first year was 60 and the client continues to invest more in each passing edition. The last edition had 180 participants.
  • In one of our 2019 engagement what was in Bangkok, we had a country head of a company as a participant. He was so delighted that he engaged us with couple of company’s initiatives in Pattaya and Macau in the subsequent quarters

I3R Global continues to serve each customer and the size of the engagement has been growing with each of its customer on a quarter on quarter basis. For sure, good results leads to more engagements. That for us, is enough of a testimony to this wonderful growing company.

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