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Doctor infected with COVID-19 after 2nd vaccine dose, Is Serum Institute Of India selling water in the name of vaccine, Is this the reason why trials for vaccines were never completed?

On 13 March 2021 a news surfaced on the internet, A senior doctor with the state-run Gandhi Medical College in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh has contracted COVID-19 despite taking both vaccine doses, officials said on Saturday.

She got the first dose of the Covishield vaccine on January 16 and the second one on March 1, they said. The doctor tested positive on March 10.

Now the question that comes to the mind is, what these pharma companies like Serum Institute Of India is selling in the name of covid vaccine to Indians?

Are they actually selling the vaccine or selling water in the name of Vaccine and extorting the money from Innocent citizens amid Coronavirus pandemic.

It has been observed that these pharma companies like Serum Institute Of India are charging 250 INR for covid-19 vaccine, Covid-19 a disease that has hit the entire world, almost 195 countries with a total population of 7.9 billion people.

A disease that has not just affected humans but also animals.

A disease which has put this world, our entire planet under a permanent recession, an economic turmoil which may take another 5-`10 years to over come or even longer.

A disease which may be a pandemic for the world but a golden cash minting opportunity for the global pharma companies.

The first announcement of the vaccine came somewhere around July that the India’s first coronavirus vaccine will be launched by 15th August. July was the period when the India was already under complete lockdown and was going through an economical crisis and lot of deaths happening in countries like USA, Italy, UK, Australia and a environment of fear was created by media companies in entire India and people were eagerly waiting for the vaccine to come. This was also the time when NAMO announced a relief package of 20 lakh crore for Indians which was supposed to be the 10% of the total GDP of India, but sadly no one knew where the relief package went, almost no one got nothing out of the relief package.

Result: The share prices of the pharma companies announcing the vaccine zoomed almost more than 200-400% and pharma companies encashed this opportunity for the fullest for almost 2 months.

Conclusion: No Actual vaccine was launched.

The second announcement was made somewhere around October, this was the period when the lockdown was partly opened, market just started and people started going back to their daily work, covid cases were on the rise but still the lockdown was opened keeping the economical slump in mind and too many packages were announced which Indians never received. Coronavirus cess was introduced, petrol prices were raised, hand wash, hand sanitizers, soaps and mask were imposed GST and farm bills were introduced after food grains were silently taken out of the list of essential commodities. India started going into one of the worst situation due to coronavirus and poor economic policies and reforms of the government.

Result: The share prices of the pharma companies touched the sky and companies made millions without doing anything.

Conclusion: No actual vaccine was launched.

Third time, the companies already knew that they had already made fool of citizens two times in order to make profit and extort money from them. This time it wont be possible for pharma companies to make money without any solid ground so they launched the vaccine.

The companies announced the vaccine and actually launched it, but without any proper trials.

No one knew the companies ever actually made any covid19 vaccines or not, no one knew if they are actually selling the vaccine or selling water in the name of vaccine.

This was the time when vaccine became a bigger, 100% bankable political weapon, a weapon of mass destruction which were used by political parties to win the election campaigns.

In other countries covid vaccine were just a form of prevention to cure coronavirus induced covid-19 infection, but in India it was more of a brahmastra to turn the tables during election and a sure shot strategy to win the elections.

Parties used covid-19 vaccine as a political game changer, they promised free vaccines against the votes and won elections in many states.

This was the time when people were actually fed up of staying at home, they were quite desperate and wanted a cure at any cost.

The companies launched the vaccine without any trials despite media reporting that there could not be any vaccine for coronavirus due to its continuous mutation. Even the WHO also warned that it doubts if the current developed vaccines will be effective against coronavirus or not. Some health specialist also wrote to NAMO stating that the Vaccines Have No Role in Controlling the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

The company launched the vaccine in phases and the government also announced some free vaccines to frontline workers, some cases were reported of severe reactions against the vaccine but they were all put under the carpet.

Finally now it has come to be clear that even after taking the second dose of covid-19 vaccine people are still getting infected from coronavirus.

Some time back a similar case of Haryana health minister was also reported where he got infected after taking the vaccine.

Another question now rises is that does government knew everything in advance?

  • Is government aware that no actual vaccine is being developed and pharma companies are only selling water in the name of vaccine?
  • Is government intentionally, willingly, desperately allowing pharma companies to cheat citizens in the name of vaccine?
  • Is government equally the partner in crime and if this is happening, why is this happening.

Let us try to understand this.

  • 2 years back the prices of the LPG were made 750 against the standard price of 495 and citizens were told that the 250 INR will come to the aadhaar linked bank account as subsidy, This subsidy was stopped without letting anyone know in 2020, saving crores of rupees to government and people paying more from their own pockets and buy things at inflated prices.
  • Essential food items like grains, cereals, pulses, wheat, rice were taken off from the list of essential food items so that government now do not need to purchase them and offer them at discounted prices through fair price shops, saving crores of rupees to government and people paying more from their own pockets and buy things at inflated prices.
  • Essential and important health care products like hand wash, hand sanitizer, mask were brought under non-essential products and were imposed 18% GST despite the steep rise of covid-19 cases in India, saving crores of rupees to government and people paying more from their own pockets and buy things at inflated prices.
  • Corona Cess out of nowhere were imposed on many products like alcohol in India , saving crores of rupees to government and people paying more from their own pockets and buy things at inflated prices.
  • Despite the lowest rather negative price of crude oil in the entire world, India is selling the petrol and diesel at the maximum possible price crossing 100 in many states , saving crores of rupees to government and people paying more from their own pockets and buy things at inflated prices.
  • Instead of giving relief to the citizens, corporates and companies government instead demanded donations from their citizens during pandemic lockdown
  • Government deducted government employees salary, DA in order to raise funds for pandemic relief
  • Railway fair, platform fair, airline fair, metro fair has been increased by the government despite the worst turmoil of economy during pandemic and people in the country suffering loss of jobs, loss of business, loss of financial resources.

Why is government doing everything opposite to what is being expected from an ideal government.

The answer seems to be simple, government do not care for its citizens but are more focused, interested and desperate to fill their bank accounts with the tax money that they will and can collect as the taxes on selling all such products.

Here may also be the same case, Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone in India a country of 140 crores even if 100 crore people decide to buy the vaccine at the price of 250 per vaccine for two mandatory doses, the total business pharma companies makes in India will be 5,00,00,00,00,000 INR, one can very well imagine the value of GST earned by the government on this much big amount.

This big amount is quite enough to shake anyone’s honesty, May be this was the reason why government allowed covid19 vaccines in India without proper phase trials.

After all government also needs funds to build vista project for MP’s, build ram mandir, and bear the cost of another world tour for our Hon’ble prime minister after pandemic, provide pensions to our mp’s and mla, provide security to our politicians and offer perks and bonus to keep media on their side.

Government also need funds to campaign for elections in various states and buy out MP’s and MLA to form their government in the states.


The worst scenario in all this is that pharma companies are putting the entire countries under an unknown and unannounced threat. People who have taken vaccine roam freely without any mask or precautions thinking, they might not get infect after taking the vaccine, but as we now know that the vaccine are complete piece of crap and total useless and waste, people are getting themself infected and also spreading it like a wildfire.

May be this is the reason why covid is once again spreading in the country as people are freely wandering around after covid vaccination.

Another amazing and shocking fact is that the supreme court which calls itself an independent institution and always eager to take cognizance of baseless matters on suo moto has not even took this matter for any sort of discussion.

Finally In the land of Ram, Only Ram Can Save The Country & Its Citizens

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