Doxtro is all set for a million Doctor Consultations

Doxtro, a leading online healthcare platform that connects doctors and medical experts to patients in need, is all set for exponential growth with the enhanced features that they had launched as part of the latest update. For users who don’t find time to reach a clinic for specific health issues, Doxtro provides them with a platform to interact with a specialist Doctor instantly. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine takes the response from the users and assigns them to the best Doctor available. It also takes into account multiple factors that are needed to bring in the right Doctor with the right expertise for the user. There is also a 48-hour window for the user to clarify their doubts with the same Doctor again at no cost.
The mHealth market has seen aggressive growth over the last two years. Thanks to 4G and smartphone adoption rate in India, the mobile App market has been growing at a rapid pace in India.
“A lot of our citizens depend on the pharmacists or elders at home for a quick health remedy. We believe that it’s important for users to get the right information at the right time. Doxtro does just that. Right Doctor at the right time.” – Gowthaman, CEO at Doxtro.
Doxtro is trying to address this problem statement where consumers do self-medication, do Google search or take pharmacist’s suggestion for their health problems. Connecting a specialist doctor instantly makes Doxtro a great wellness mobile app that everyone should be having. Apart from Doctor consultation, Doxtro also provides medicine delivery, home care, and lab test booking. They have partnered with Medlife, Portea, and Thyrocare, respectively, to address these requirements, thus providing a holistic solution to the users.
New design, end-to-end healthcare offerings, and instant health consultation for patients, Doxtro is all set for rapid growth in the Indian market. The App is currently available in Google Play and Apple store.
Online consultation – Is it risky?
Consumers have a fear of talking to an unknown Doctor and sharing their information over a mobile app.
“We have taken care of all the important aspects of privacy and security to protect user information, health records and their consultation with a doctor. Users are in the safe hands with Doxtro.” – Srikanth, CTO at Doxtro.
For the lack of availability of specialist doctors, a lot of us compromise and visit a general physician. While it is not wrong, it’s not right as well. Doxtro makes it boundary-less for anyone. The whole experience is made smooth with some quick taps and clicks. Users will be able to talk to a specialist doctor a thousand miles away from where they are and get the right advice. Doxtro has 200+ doctors on their platform at the moment covering 12 specializations. Users rate doctors, and this information is used by the AI engine while connecting a doctor with a patient.
After the consultation, the process of procuring medicines or getting lab tests done is also simplified with Doxtro app. The e-prescription from the Doctor can be used to place the order for the medication or schedule a lab test.
“We will introduce features that will make consultation far more intuitive and intelligent for our users. We plan to make our service affordable and available to all the users irrespective of where they are from,” Ramamoorthy, COO at Doxtro.
Doxtro has plans to touch 1 million customers in the next six months as they plan for aggressive growth.
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