EdTech and Live Classes making Education accessible for students with special needs amidst COVID19

In a time of a humanitarian crisis like the one we all are facing today, it is important to talk about the concerns of people coming from different strata of society, particularly the concerns of the marginalized.

When it comes to education, society often fails to consider the concerns of students with special needs.  It tends to overlook many people who do not have the privilege of getting a normal classroom education. For students with physical disability challenges, parts of the physical world that a considerable lot of the others take for granted can be overwhelming. Students who use wheelchairs, walkers, props, or similar other mobility tools face many access difficulties because these students experience obstructions like stairs, narrow pathways etc.

 With the outbreak of COVID-19 and a complete shift in the teaching and learning methods, all students, teachers, as well as institutions have got the time to ponder over the situation of all students with disabilities. This quarantine period, with the whole nation under a lockdown, all the people now try to understand the helpless situation of the unprivileged fellow mates and see life from their perspective. Nevertheless, this understanding and realization should not leave us feeling morose or helpless, but in fact should act as a catalyst to motivate everyone to push the limits and do their best to help these students in a time of such crisis.

It is in these times that one realizes the true importance of EdTech, Online Learning and Live Classes, all of which carry the potential to actually change the learning scenario for all students with special needs. With advancements in the EdTech, students with special needs as well as teachers can now get access to various assistive learning tools. With the help of Ed-Tech, the world now has access to special iPads with pre-installed features like Speak Screen, Voice Over and Safari Reader View etc. for needs of special students. EdTech also delivers various apps and new communication strategies to ensure a fruitful learning experience for students with disabilities. Some new ways and tools that ease communication barriers faced by students with special needs include Augmented and Alternative Communication Strategies, Text-to-Speech Tools, Speak Selection etc.

The introduction of Online & Live Classes has also proven to be a boon in the lives of students who have some sort of physical disability. In our conversation with the team of Coding Blocks, a premier Coding institute, they shared that when they launched the Live Classroom Program for all students, to ensure both their learning and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, their intent was to ensure that if the students cannot reach the classroom, they shall ensure that the classroom reaches the students. They shared that purpose and initiative got an even more beautiful perspective when they got an enrolment enquiry from a student with disability. It was then that Coding Blocks realized the true spirit of learning and teaching in difficult situations. “Our students are our first most priority and the incident only added to our motivation to keep putting efforts and hard work to make learning easier and fruitful than ever before”, said a mentor. Each mentor at Coding Blocks is determined to give his/her best and help all students achieve their dreams.

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With the newly launched Live Classroom Program, CB is hopeful and determined to reach as many students who have faced physical barriers all their lives and to ensure that they help them break all barriers and rise above all. Coding Blocks is resolute to add something better in the lives of these students, to help them learn from the best mentors without compromising on their safety and comfort, and to ensure that they achieve all their dreams and fly high. As Coding Blocks support the dreams of all students, we support theirs.

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