Engaging With Freelancers For Your Venture Could Be A Risky Decision. Are You Ready To Take The Risk To Save Some Bucks?

Startups is not just an ordinary business, startups are very sensitive, they are more than an extra ordinary business model, if taken care and nourished properly, they can be a next level multi-billion dollar business and at the same time, if not taken care properly can vanish from the market without any significant results.
In our country India almost more than 50000+ startups comes every single day and more than 80% shut down within first 3 months. The majority of the startups business makes one common mistake that is engaging with cheap and low cost stuff in order to save money on marketing, branding and online web-presence.
A lot of startups forget that when a child is born it needs a little extra care then a grown up person. Startups are like babies and very close to business owners, when you can’t feed your child with low quality food, can not give it to a immature person to take care and handle it, how can you give your startups in the hand of novice freelancers and expect the growth.
In today’s scenario startups in order to save money in the initial setup like website, logos, graphics, seo, digital marketing tend to hire freelancers which comes out of be a major mistake in long run.
Let us understand why. But before that we need to understand who and what is a freelancer.
A freelancer is a person who is working in some or the other company and in order to utilise his free time, he/she tend to get more projects from the market to increase his monthly earning apart from his full time salary.
This extra income is like cherry on the cake for him/her and is not his livelihood. Usually such freelancers tend to offer such services at very low cost to influence the customers and customers also in order to save few extra bucks fall in the trap.
Now the real trouble starts. A individual freelancer starts making the excuse for the non-delivery of the projects like-
1. He got delayed in office due to extra work load.
2. His boss scolded him so he is upset and not able to work.
3. Today they had a party in office so not able to work.
4. He is a designer and not able to code or he is a developer not able to design.
5. He can not write content or do quality checks.
6. This is not in the scope of work etc etc.
Clients have to understand that a person can be a master only in one field and it is very dangerous to hire jack of all trades as he would not be perfect in every field.
One individual freelancer can either write beautiful codes or he can only design amazing graphics but in order to launch a project with perfection, you need a whole team of experts and not just one master player.
Can you win a cricket match if you just have good ballers or only good bats man?
Can you even imagine to play a match with just one Sachin Tendulkar and no one else?
A company on the other hand has a expert team of Designers, Developers, Content writers, Project Managers, Quality Control Department, Sales & Marketing people as well as customer support people.
It is a perfect team which can help you to launch and take care of your baby properly. Just the way, you can not raise your child all alone without the father or the mother, same way you can not launch your online business with just one person in your mind.
So do not fall in trap of saving few extra dollars, sometimes cheap services tend to be more costly in later stage. if you are thinking to launch your startup and take it to next level, always invest to hire a company and not just a freelancer.
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