EverQuest II’s Chaos Descending expansion launches November 13

Old MMOs don’t die. Today, Star Trek Online and Lord of the Rings Online have received updates. Now EverQuest II is joining in on the fun. The PC MMO is getting a new expansion, Chaos Descending. It will launch on November 13.
EverQuest II launched back in November 2004. Another MMO came out that month: World of Warcraft. Before they launched, gamers and journalists speculated which would be the bigger hit. EverQuest II seemed to have an advantage, as its 1999 predecessor helped to popularize the genre.
Of course, World of Warcraft became a phenomenon, pushing EverQuest II and others out of the spotlight. But EverQuest II still has fans, and new content from developer Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) has kept them engaged. This shows that even if an MMO is old, you can still make money off it.
Chaos Descending will be EverQuest II’s 15th expansion, following 2017’s Planes of Prophecy. These expansions have come out at a steady pace of almost one per year since Everquest II launched. Chaos Descending will add new zones, dungeons, and story content. It also adds new features to mounts, giving players the capability to equip gear on their steeds.
Source: VentureBeat
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