Everyone wants to work at Google – but we found out how 15 ex-Googlers knew it was time to quit

Former position at Google: Software developer
Why he left: Breisacher was one of about a dozen Googlers who left the company in April to protest Google’s controversial collaboration with the US Department of Defense, in which it provides the department with artificial intelligence technology.
Google announced it would cease work on the project next year after thousands of employees signed a petition against it.
“This is obviously a big deal and it’s very encouraging, but this only happened after months and months of people signing petitions and (internal debate) and people quitting,” Breisacher told Business Insider.
Breisacher said his decision to leave was also influenced by Google’s sponsorship of a conservative political conference and the company’s failure to act decisively after YouTube videos with LGBT content were flagged as inappropriate on the site.
“When I started, Google had a reputation as a pro-gay, pro-trans company,” Breisacher, who is gay, told Business Insider. “I guess I’m disillusioned. I know that Google is a for-profit company and you shouldn’t expect it to do things purely for the good of the world. But in the past, we would expect leaders to listen to the employees and to think carefully about issues and not to cross certain lines.
“Things have changed at Google.”
Source: Business Insider
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