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Shopify Pricing : Everything You Need To Know

Planning to get your business on Shopify?

You’ll be amazed to know these facts about it!

Since the beginning of Shopify in 2004,shopify pricing it has achieved several enthusiasm and reviews from its users. It is now the leading platform for businesses. And it is used by more than million of businesses worldwide. No matter what size your business is, there is a dedicated plan ready for you.

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This post will be a one-stop solution for you to know about the numerous shopify pricing plans and their benefits as well as drawbacks. So let’s start with an extensive list of all the available plans.

List of all available Shopify plans and their pricing

The best thing about Shopify is that you can test the platform in their 2 weeks free trial after which you are free to choose the desired plan among the ones mentioned below:

· Lite: $9 a month, limited features, ideal for starting an online business.

· Basic: $29 a month, upgraded than started plan, best plan for drop shipping companies.

· Professional: $79 a month, more storage space, several additional features such as gift card option.

· Advanced: $299 a month, fully customizable as per the needs of your business, infinite storage space, and lowest credit rate.

What is Shopify Gold?

Shopify pricing is not limited to the four plans mentioned above but also involves Shopify plus apart from the rest. It is an enterprise-level plan which is designed only for large businesses that expect more growth in the future.

Shopify pricing

This clearly indicates that this plan is only available to high-level merchants due to whom it provides amazing features such as zero transaction fees, unlimited bandwidth, infinite product catalog, etc. Furthermore, this plan works on a greater budget and takes care of all your e-commerce needs by which you can focus more on your business and need not worry about its online presence.

Shopify POS – What is it?

The Shopify POS is included in all your plans by default. It is a very user-friendly system that allows you to make sales physically without any kind of problem. You can accept payments from credit cards and can monitor your sales through your dashboard for online sales.

Understanding the Shopify’s payment methods

You can accept payments through a wide range of gateways through the Shopify. However, the most common and the most efficient one is Shopify’s payment gateway known as Shopify Payments. This gateway is powered by stripe which is also a well-known third-party online payment service provider.

It is said that using this payment gateway eradicates the use of any third-party account which makes it very convenient for you to use. However, with dozens of payment methods, you can ensure that your products are available too international audiences as well.

Shopify pricing in apps and themes

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There are several free and paid themes available for Shopify. However, paid themes are said to provide higher customization, better flexibility, and beautiful designs. This can bring you more value than you spend especially when you aim to nurture a unique brand identity for your store.

Moreover, paid themes are SEO ready which means they will rank on SERP much better.

In a similar manner, there are paid apps available for Shopify that can enhance the functionality of your website to a greater extent. These apps can improve your business in all aspects, whether it is SEO, reviews, or analytics. Moreover, there are some free apps as well that you can use if you don’t have a good budget.

Bottom line

In the end, with a platform like Shopify, it is a cakewalk to establish your business online and with the availability of such a large number of Shopify pricing plans, it is assured that you will find one that matches your needs and budget.

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Moreover, ensure that you don’t get involved in search of a matchstick when you have the whole matchbox with you. This means don’t go for a smaller plan just because it is cheaper and does not fit the needs of your business. That’s all we have for today.

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