Facebook-Owned WhatsApp Appoints Abhijit Bose as India Head

One of the largest social media network WhatsApp has appointed Chief Ezetap’s CEO, Abhijit Bose as its new head for WhatsApp India. Mr. Bose is expected to join as the messaging platform early next year. He is going to oversee its operations in India.
Talking about his appointment, Mr. Bose said, “WhatsApp is special and can be a major partner for financial inclusion and economic growth in India. It’s not only how so many families stay in touch, but increasingly it’s how businesses are engaging with their customers. WhatsApp can positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions of Indians, allowing them to engage and benefit from the new digital economy actively.”
Bose, an Alumnus of Harvard Business school, co-founded the startup Ezetap in 2011. Ezetap was founded to create a single platform which will enable businesses to complete financial transactions, with their customers. The platform was designed to support every instrument and method which is used by customers.
As the head of WhatsApp India, Mr. Bose, along with his entire team, will help both small and large businesses in India, to connect with their users.
The news of Mr. Bose’s appointment comes after WhatsApp was ordered by the Government of India, in August, to establish an office in India to start its payment service, WhatsApp Pay.
Earlier, the Supreme Court of India also issues a notice and questioned the messaging platform for not appointing a grievance officer in India. This led to the appointment of Komal Lahiri, as the grievance officer for WhatsApp in India.
Source: Techstory
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