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Fixed Deposit Can Boost your Investment Portfolio: Here’s How!

The smartest way to grow your wealth is to invest in multiple avenues to create an impressive investment portfolio. A fixed deposit account is the safest way to grow your financial profile and meet your future goals. However, if you are a first-time investor, chances are you are not familiar with the concept of building an investment portfolio. If so, read further to learn what constitutes a good investment portfolio and how opening an FD can help you achieve it.

What is an Investment Portfolio?

An investment portfolio is defined as the collection of assets that a person has invested in over the years. This collection can include various financial instruments such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, gold, property, stocks, bonds and more. One misconception about building a decent financial portfolio is that a person must be rich to invest in multiple avenues. However, the truth is that to create a winning portfolio, you must do your research and invest in instruments that can manage your money effectively.

Why You Should Include FDs in Your Investment Portfolio

Opening a fixed deposit account with a renowned bank such as IndusInd Bank can help you reap a host of rewards and benefits. Here are some reasons why you should invest in an FD to improve your investment portfolio:

Assurance of Returns on Maturity

As a new investor, you must be aware of the risk associated with each financial instrument. If you are looking for the safest option to begin your investment journey, a fixed deposit account is ideal for you. High-yield investments are mostly market-driven, which makes them high-risk alternatives. However, FD rates are fixed and fetch you the promised amount at the time of investing. Also, fluctuations in the economy do not affect fixed deposit interest rates.

Achieving Short-Term Goals

Fixed deposits are a convenient way to achieve your short-term financial goals, such as a vacation or buying an expensive gadget. In these cases, you would have a clear estimate of the cost of the expense and can make the investment accordingly by choosing the tenure and principal amount. As FD rates are fixed, you can achieve your goal easily. IndusInd Bank offers profitable FD scheme that help investors get better return on their investments and meet the financial goals.

Facilitate Financial Planning by Balancing Risk

A diverse financial portfolio consists of multiple investment avenues across different classes to give you long-term growth. To create a good investment portfolio, you must be able to project your total earning with certainty. As fixed deposits are immune to the market changes, you can be assured of the profits. Hence, a fixed-income option like a fixed deposit account provides you with stability and balances out the risks involved with the other investment instruments like mutual funds.

Hassle-free Investment Process

Another benefit of an FD is the easy application process and eligibility terms. Some lenders like IndusInd Bank offer online application and internet banking facilities to help investors open a fixed deposit account from the comfort of their home. You simply have to visit the bank’s official website and open an online FD account in three easy steps.

Watch Your Money Grow With Fixed Deposit Schemes by IndusInd Bank

With fixed deposit interest rates as high as 6.5% and flexible tenures, IndusInd Bank helps you get the best results from your investment. Choose the investment plan that suits you and your family’s future goals from our multiple FD schemes. Moreover, by downloading the official IndusInd Bank mobile app, you can avail features such as online application and deposit booking to make your investment process more convenient.

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