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Flipkart Founder Binny Bansal Ventures into Stealth AI Startup 2023

Flipkart Founder Binny Bansal Ventures into Stealth AI Startup 2023

Binny Bansal, one of the co-founders of India’s largest e-commerce platform, Flipkart, is set to make waves in the tech industry once again. After playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing online retail in India, Binny Bansal is preparing to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey by launching a stealth AI startup.

This exciting venture has piqued the curiosity of tech enthusiasts, investors, and industry experts alike, eager to see what the accomplished entrepreneur has in store for the world of artificial intelligence. 

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After building a fortune in Indian e-commerce, billionaire Binny Bansal is moving into the rapidly developing AI-as-a-service market by starting a business that would target worldwide clients.

According to sources familiar with the situation, Bansal, who co-founded online retailer Flipkart and later sold it to Walmart Inc., has brought on 15 professionals for the project, the most of whom are artificial intelligence scientists, and he intends to add more fast.

The sources, who asked to remain anonymous since the project isn’t yet public, claimed that he intends to emulate the business model of outsourcing companies like Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. and Infosys Ltd. by providing AI skills, products, and services to corporate clients.

Businesses worldwide are attempting to use artificial intelligence (AI), propelled by innovative solutions like OpenAI Inc.’s ChatGPT chatbot, which is funded by Microsoft Corp. As a result, there is a big need for AI professionals. Bansal hopes to train additional experts for new kinds of AI services by reaching out to India’s large, youthful English-speaking population.

One of the insiders stated that Bansal will first focus on the legal and e-commerce sectors, even if he is keeping his particular product plans under wraps. The business also intends to provide services in data science and analytics, as well as financial services. In the second half of 2024, it plans to launch goods and services and start selling them.


After selling his online firm situated in Bengaluru, the millionaire relocated to Singapore and currently commutes between the two cities. The AI business will concentrate on providing services from smaller Indian locations, where living expenses are cheaper, and developing talent.

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After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Bansal and his co-founder of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal (no related), worked for Inc. until they left in their mid-20s. Nearly six years before the Seattle behemoth joined the Indian retail scene, they founded Flipkart as a more regionalized online retailer for the country, drawing inspiration from Amazon. After serving as Flipkart’s chief operating officer and chief executive officer, Binny sold the firm to Walmart in 2018 for a sum of $16 billion, giving Walmart a controlling share in the business.

In recent years, Binny started investing in Internet companies after progressively selling Walmart his whole interest in Flipkart. He is still on the Flipkart board and has stock in the fintech company PhonePe Pvt, which is owned by Walmart.

Binny Bansal’s journey in the tech world began when he and his childhood friend, Sachin Bansal (no relation), co-founded Flipkart in 2007. What started as an online bookstore soon evolved into India’s largest and most influential e-commerce platform. Under Binny’s leadership, Flipkart grew exponentially, disrupting traditional retail and shaping the way Indians shop online. In 2018, Walmart acquired a majority stake in Flipkart, marking one of the largest e-commerce deals in history.

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With his vast experience in building and scaling a successful tech company, Binny Bansal has gained a reputation as a visionary leader and entrepreneur. His ability to navigate the complexities of the Indian market and adapt to changing consumer preferences has been instrumental in Flipkart’s success. Now, he’s ready to channel his expertise into the world of artificial intelligence.

While Binny Bansal’s new AI startup is currently operating in stealth mode, there are several key aspects that have emerged, providing a glimpse into his vision for the venture:

  1. Talent Pool: Binny Bansal has been actively recruiting top AI talent from across India and globally. He understands that the success of an AI startup hinges on the caliber of its team. By assembling a team of skilled engineers, data scientists, and machine learning experts, he aims to position his startup as a formidable player in the AI industry.
  2. Problem Solving: It’s clear that Binny Bansal’s startup will focus on addressing real-world problems using AI and machine learning technologies. Given his background in e-commerce, there’s speculation that the startup may explore AI-driven solutions for the retail industry. However, Binny’s interests are not limited to a single sector, and he may well branch out into diverse domains.
  3. Investment and Partnerships: Binny Bansal has a track record of securing significant investments and forming strategic partnerships. With his reputation and network, he is likely to attract prominent investors and collaborators who can provide the necessary resources and expertise to fuel the startup’s growth.

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Binny Bansal’s foray into the AI landscape has the potential to make a significant impact in several ways:

  1. Innovation: His startup is expected to drive innovation in AI, tackling complex problems and developing cutting-edge solutions. This could have ripple effects throughout the tech industry, inspiring other entrepreneurs and startups to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI.
  2. Job Creation: As Binny Bansal expands his team, the startup will create job opportunities for AI professionals and contribute to the growth of India’s tech sector. The development and deployment of AI solutions often require a diverse range of talents, from data scientists to software engineers.
  3. Industry Transformation: Binny Bansal’s deep understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics could lead to the transformation of various industries. By leveraging AI, his startup may disrupt and optimize processes in sectors beyond e-commerce, such as healthcare, finance, and logistics.

Binny Bansal, the co-founder of Flipkart, is poised to venture into the world of artificial intelligence with his stealth AI startup.


His track record of success, coupled with his knack for identifying market trends and solving complex problems, positions him as a formidable player in the AI industry.

As his startup continues to operate in stealth mode, the tech world eagerly awaits further details and anticipates the innovative solutions and disruption Binny Bansal’s new venture will bring to the table.

One thing is certain: Binny Bansal’s journey in tech is far from over, and his contributions to the industry will continue to shape the future of innovation in India and beyond.



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