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Fortnite Android beta expands beyond Samsung phones

After launching for Samsung Galaxy phones with the debut of the Note 9, Epic Games is now bringing its popular last-player-standing shooter Fortnite to other Android devices. The developer is sending invites out to people who signed up on its website. If you’ve already done so, check your inbox for the link to get into the beta.
Once you get the invite, it’ll give you the option to add a separate Epic installer to your smartphone that will download Fortnite to your device. And as long as you are on one of Epic’s supported devices, the battle royale shooter should boot and let you start playing online against others.
Android is the last major gaming platform Fortnite has yet to conquer. It is already out on PC, every modern console, and iOS. Now that Epic has it working on Android, you will now live your life surrounded by Fortnite at every waking moment. There is no escape.
The jump to Android should help Epic generate even more money from the lucrative game, which has already made hundreds of millions of dollars.
Reminder that you shouldn’t look for Fortnite on Google Play. Android is an open system, and you can install any app you want without having to go through the official market. Epic is taking advantage of that to avoid paying a 30 percent cut of every microtransaction sale to Google. This means that Google is going to miss out on millions of dollars of revenue because it runs an open platform. I think the lesson here is clear: run a walled garden or get screwed.
Source: VentureBeat



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