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Price Comparison – Boon or Bane
Almost all of us know the value of hard earned money. We put our life & soul into earning these pieces of currency and we put great thought in spending each one of them. This is the prime reason that we all love the word “Discount”. We not only like to hear the word over and over again, but we wish to see these words written over almost every item we buy. This word and its synonyms seem to have the “Tranquilizer” effect on our ever disturbed nerves.
Most of us are very well aware of the following 2 types of Discounts that are readily available in the market –

  1. Coupons
  2. Cashback

We probably hunt or subscribe for these online/offline; so that we can save more on our online or in-store shopping. There is a 3rd very important type of discount which has a bigger range than any of the other types of discounts and can be compared to the legendry “Brahmastra” used during ancient warfare. That tool is called “Price Comparison”. The only difference is that Brahmastra was not known/available to everybody; but Price Comparison is readily and freely available to all.
The secret lies in first acknowledging the fact that “Price Comparison” can actually be used to save you bucks almost every time you shop. Whether you are shopping for a pair of slippers or everyday groceries, or smart tv/any other big or small electronic items, or your favorite brand of clothes/accessories /beauty products; appropriate price comparison can save your hard earned money.
Next, recent consumer trend studies indicate that “Price Comparison” is almost like “Fixed Deposit”. It is a tool which used regularly and intelligently can save thousands of rupees for the average consumer. Price comparison should almost become a daily habit; like your daily intake of food.
There are a number of apps and website in India, which do effective price comparison when you are buying Online. There is a dearth of apps in India, which can assist when you are actually buying in store.
Approprice is a Price Comparison Shopping App with Barcode Scanner, which actually aids in shopping Online as well as In-Store. Customer has to just scan barcode of products while shopping in-store to know the lowest price of the product and then take an informed buying decision. With easy to use Application features, it is one of the most consumer friendly application in India. Approprice has been designed to provide hassle free experience to customer, so that he can use the app regularly for his daily shopping needs.
In short, “Price Comparison” if done regularly and with appropriate tools is guaranteed to save the end user lots of money whether he is buying a pair of shoes or expensive electronic gadgets.

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