Google Assistant is Getting a Major Makeover

It is true that Google Assistant was designed as a voice-based helper in the beginning. But, after making its way to a number of devices like phones and smart displays, Google can cram its assistant into, which is being forced to use your voice to access a lot of features.
Google, today in a report, has announced a new Interface for the Google Assistant. The new interface is expected to make organizing, searching, and several other functions for which we use the Assistant for, much convenient for both spoken and touch-based inputs.
The most significant change will be the new touch-based settings and sliders for adjusting things like smart home devices, which seems to be inspired by the UI found in the Google smart displays.
Apart from this, Google has also built a new messaging interface which is expected to make texting and editing replies much easier. It has also added a new shortcut so that you can see your day’s overview from within the Assistant app in smartphones. This means you can just swipe up from the Assistant Screen to receive suggestions and alerts based on your location and schedule.
Source: Techstory
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