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Gulshan Group announces ultra-luxury residential project in Greater Noida West, to invest Rs 190 crore

Gulshan Group announces ultra-luxury residential project in Greater Noida West, to invest Rs 190 crore

Gulshan Group, a real estate developer based in Delhi-NCR, has recently launched its ultra-luxury project called ‘Gulshan Avante’ in sector 16B of Greater Noida West. The project aims to offer 92 luxury apartments, all of which will be 4BHK units. The total investment for this project is estimated to be around Rs 190 crore, according to the company.

Gulshan Avante is positioned as an upscale residential development, emphasizing luxurious living and modern amenities. The project is designed to cater to the preferences and requirements of affluent homebuyers seeking high-end properties in the Greater Noida West area.

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With 92 luxury apartments on offer, it presents a limited number of exclusive living spaces. The emphasis on the 4BHK configuration suggests a focus on spaciousness and comfort, appealing to families and individuals who desire ample living areas and room for customization.

The investment of approximately Rs 190 crore reflects the significant financial commitment made by the Group for the development. This substantial investment underscores the company’s confidence in the project and its determination to deliver a premium residential experience to the residents of Greater Noida West.


Overall, it represents a high-end residential offering by Gulshan Group, aiming to provide luxury, comfort, and modern amenities to discerning homebuyers in the region.

According to the real estate firm, Gulshan Avante will be constructed on 1.3 acres of prime land in sector 16B of Greater Noida West. The project’s design includes a limited number of units per floor, with only two units on each floor. This arrangement allows for increased privacy and exclusivity for the residents.

The project offers all its units for sale, and the company has already sold approximately 44 apartments. The remaining units are still available for interested buyers. The starting price for these luxury apartments is set at Rs 3.5 crore. With an average size of around 3,200 square feet, the apartments provide a spacious living environment for residents.

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It’s focus on providing larger units, along with the limited number of units per floor, indicates a commitment to offering a premium living experience. The project caters to buyers seeking ample living space and a sense of exclusivity within the development.

The pricing of the apartments at Rs 3.5 crore and above positions Gulshan Avante as a high-end luxury offering in the Greater Noida West real estate market. The project’s location on prime land further adds to its desirability.

Overall, it presents an opportunity for homebuyers looking for spacious, upscale living spaces in a prime location. The project’s attractive features, such as limited units per floor, significant land area, and the success of initial sales, make it an enticing option for buyers seeking luxurious residences.

Yukti Nagpal, Director of Gulshan Group, mentioned in a statement that the Gulshan Avante project is expected to be completed by mid-2028. The company is committed to adhering to the timelines defined by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), ensuring timely delivery to customers.

Nagpal further stated that the Group is self-funding this project, indicating that the company is financing the development without external financial support. This approach highlights the strong financial fundamentals of the Group, demonstrating their confidence in the project and their ability to execute it effectively.

With an estimated total project cost of approximately Rs 190 crore, the Group’s investment showcases their commitment to delivering a high-quality development and their dedication to providing a luxury living experience to homebuyers in Greater Noida West.

By emphasizing adherence to RERA timelines and self-funding the project, the Group aims to instill trust and confidence in prospective buyers. These measures ensure transparency, financial stability, and timely completion of the Gulshan Avante project, aligning with the regulatory framework and customer expectations.

In each apartment of the Avante project, the floor-to-floor height will be 3.50 meters. This measurement indicates a generous vertical space within the apartments, contributing to a sense of openness and spaciousness for residents.

The project is also aligned with Gulshan Group’s commitment to sustainability. Gulshan Avante aims to obtain green building certification, emphasizing the company’s dedication to environmentally friendly and sustainable construction practices. Green building certifications typically involve meeting specific criteria related to energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Gulshan Group has a track record of successfully delivering multiple projects across Noida and Ghaziabad. This experience reflects the company’s expertise and established presence in the real estate sector. The successful completion of past projects underscores their ability to execute developments to the satisfaction of their customers.

By combining generous floor-to-floor heights, a focus on sustainability, and a history of successful project deliveries, Gulshan Group aims to create a desirable living environment at Gulshan Avante. The company’s commitment to quality construction, sustainability, and customer satisfaction reinforces their reputation in the real estate market.



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