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H3N2 Cases Spikes In Different Areas Across The Nation.

59/225 samples collected in January and February 2023 confirmed influenza illnesses. Dr. Sanghamitra Pati, Director of Regional Medical Research Center (RMRC) Bhubaneswar, stated that symptoms are similar to seasonal flu viruses, like fever and cough. According to statistics published last week by the union health ministry, 451 cases of H3N2 were identified in the country between January 2 and March 5.

Cases in Odisha.

The Health Secretary of Odisha issued a directive to all district administrations to stay alert and step up ILI and SARI monitoring at the health facility and community levels in response to a dramatic rise in H3N2 virus cases across the state. According to the State Health Department, H1N1 and H3N2 are influenzas A virus subtypes. From December through March, the flu virus is frequent in young folks and the elderly. The majority of the ailments are minor and self-limiting. Handwashing, personal cleanliness, and avoiding crowded locations are the most important precautions to take, as stated earlier. 

The 30 DPHLs are continuously monitoring the progress of ILI and SARI cases by analyzing samples in our 23 RTPCR laboratories and DPHLs regularly. All 30 DPHLs regularly conduct H1N1 testing. According to the Health Department, each of them has the necessary infrastructure and lab logistics to execute the tests if a surge is expected shortly.

H3N2 Cases Spikes In Different Areas Across The Nation.

The state is regularly examining samples from ILI and SARI cases for the identification of Covid cases, and district IDSP units are ready and monitoring the situation. Laboratories are kept ready in case a rush of cases evolves, according to the Health Department’s statement.

H3N2 havoc in Puducherry.

According to a health official last week, Puducherry, an Indian UT, has registered 79 cases of influenza of the H3N2 subtype. According to G Sriramulu, Director of Medical Services in Puducherry, samples were registered until March 4, however, no deaths were reported as a result of the virus in the UT. Sriramulu reassured the public that the health department has established measures at hospitals and primary health care centers to monitor the growing number of cases. Dedicated booths have been set up in outpatient departments for persons experiencing influenza-like symptoms.

The people who last the war against the H3N2 virus.

According to the Union Health Ministry, Karnataka and Haryana have confirmed 1 H3N2 influenza mortality each. According to the authority, the individual from Karnataka had high blood pressure and diabetes. According to initial data, the patient, a 56-year-old man from the Jind district of Haryana, died of lung cancer on February 23 at his home. According to the official, he screened positive for the H3N2 virus in January at the PGIMS hospital in Rohtak.

The people who last the war against the H3N2 virus.

Some details about the H3N2.

The two most prevalent subtypes were H3N2 and H1N1. Both of these subtypes are Influenza ‘A’. Nevertheless, the Union Ministry of Health stated that occurrences of seasonal influenza, especially H3N2, which has destroyed lives in Haryana and Karnataka, are projected to fall in March end.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, H3N2 is a non-human influenza virus that generally circulates in pigs and has infected people. Because there is now “no definite cure available” for the virus, people should rigorously adhere to the Covid rules to avoid contracting H3N2. Because this viral infection is self-limiting in nature, 90% of patients heal on their own. According to doctors, the remaining 10% of ILI and SARI patients may develop respiratory complications, a persistent cough, and need medication. 

However, patients with comorbidities or the elderly may experience respiratory complications as a result of the state. This was seen in the cases of those pair of individuals from Karnataka and Haryana, who lost the fight against H3N2. Those with weak immune systems and those suffering from flu-like symptoms have also been encouraged to use masks.

Government Issues Statement on H3N2 Virus, Asks to Wear Masks and follow Covid protocols.


From the beginning of 2023, India has seen a significant upsurge in H3N2 infections. Disease surveillance, according to experts, is an urgent requirement to handle the issue. They will have better integrated respiratory virus monitoring in the future, according to Agrawal, the former head of the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology. While the Covid pandemic seems to be over, an outbreak of respiratory infections among adults persists, with several infected with influenza viruses like H3N2, adenovirus, and H1N1.

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