Have a million dollar idea brah? Build a business plan for it with Bizplan

have a million dollar idea brah build a business plan for it with bizplan

have a million dollar idea brah? build a business plan for it with bizplan

And there’s a reason Bizplan gets so much love from those trusted outlets. Bizplan works by breaking down all the most vital new business considerations into manageable bite-sized tasks. Enter your important stats in Bizplan’s drag-and-drop template system and Bizplan will give you easy-to-follow representations of where all your time and money should be going.
Bizplan allows you to create a timeline for getting your business up and running that works for you along with metrics for tracking your progress. Build salary forecasts, project your revenue, then send your plan to others for collaboration and feedback. You can even enlist Bizplan fundraising pros to troubleshoot your plan or offer tips on your direction.
A lifetime of Bizplan access usually costs almost $3,000, but with this limited time offer, you can have Bizplan ready to whip any business into shape for only $49.
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