Heart-touching and affordable Ideas to celebrate super-dads on their birthday (a uniquely musical surprise awaits)

All superheroes don’t wear capes. Yes, who is each of ours true superhero? Of course our daddy dearests! No matter how old we grow, fathers remain our anchor and support system for life. And we’re always their most precious, little baby!

When it comes to celebrating our fathers birthday, we tend to go overboard with emotions and aspirations. Especially when on our own feet and earning, we aim to present them with the world! We want to surprise him in the best possible way now that we also have the resources and capabilities.

However money isn’t everything. One-of-its kind gestures are what every child aims for. Come up with the most unique and adorable gifts, cards and surprises. And tune the most musical *happy birthday song for papa*best-est! Isn’t it?

Celebrate your all-time superhero’s birthday with a difference. Go personal and offbeat. Here are some ideas of endearing surprises that shall be fondly cherished for a long time ahead. These thoughtful gestures shall make your dad’s day more joyous than buying him other

material gifts:

*Cook dinner for him *

*Run errands for him throughout his birthday month*

*Make a collage with your favourite moments together*

*Play on the ‘number’ of his age creatively*

*Host a small surprise get together*

Now you may be thinking that these ideas though great are not SO unique.

They have been heard of before. We say…always effective, these ideas can never get old.

However, if you’re seeking something yet more off-beat…A gesture that

shall truly stand out from the rest…Behold…as we have got just the

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perfect trick up our sleeves. Unheard of, so fresh and exhilarating!

This is our little surprise for you:

*Personalized Birthday song for papa *

How about a special *birthday song for dad*? Yes, it shall appear that you’ve literally had a song recorded specifically for him on his birthday.

Sounds magical yet too impractical right? Creating an entirely new song featuring the words ‘Happy Birthday Papa’ is going to take tons of effort, money and time…right?

Nope…Wrong! Doing this and more has been made all that easier with the genius initiative of

They already house an enormous list of birthday songs featuring most relation-based numbers live on their website. For ‘dadaji’ to ‘amma’ to around 7000 more names! Moreover, for each they offer a number of song variations to preview and pick from. Hindi or English select the melody that is most joyous to your ears.

How about going completely public with all the love? Share the song     on your father’s Facebook handle or Twitter and see them likes and wishes coming.

After all…social media birthday celebrations are imperative on your big day in today’s tech-savvy universe!

What’s more? There’s yet another lovely way to surprise your daddy dear.

How does your favourite *papa birthday song*sung to him over the phone in a meledious voice sound? Even more surprising and heart-warming right?

Wait, there’s even more…forget breaking away all your savings. This shall cost you only approx INR 85 for one song. And INR 100 for a *birthday song for dad*sung over the phone. Win-win for all then we say?

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So sing out loud and cute to your superhero on his big day. Blast out your unique *Birthday song for papa*perfect…And watch him gleam with joy as he gets the biggest surprise ever yet!

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