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Here is how to mint your first .metaverse & .vr NFT domain on

The Metaverse and the Web3.0 are the two mega prospective elements on the internet of tomorrow and are growing faster than ever. With the Metaverse industry booming with projects built on artificial intelligence, Virtual and Augmented reality and a plethora of other futuristic technology. Well, since it’s becoming a full blown growing industry why wouldn’t anyone want to be a part of it early on.’s got a way for you to get into the web3 and Metaverse by getting yourself an NFT domain name and here’s how you can get one for yourself. and NFT domain names

The exciting part about bringing in crypto domains is that you own them and own it always. There’s no catch. Once you mint them, they’re yours unless you trade them. NFT domain names are minted on the blockchain which makes them verfiable, unique entities that act as digital assets. That would pop up a question in your mind about what brings value to them, wouldn’t it?


The Metaverse and Web3 go hand in hand for a certain point of view. On top of that, NFT domain names are all unique, so once minted they cannot be minted again which brings them value. Not to ignore the fact that they are used to hosting all the websites on the Web3. That being said, you owning one brings you an opportunity to host a decentralized website for yourself on the Web3. That’s just a slice of the entire cake. As the ecosystem moves forward there could be a lot more exciting things that you could do with your Web3 domain name.


Are you beginning to think why .Metaverse and .vr TLDs are becoming a hit? For starters, both of these NFT domain extensions, in a way, portray the Metaverse and virtual reality. Both of which are huge industries putting out a ton of content forward as the day goes by. If you own one of these Metaverse domains and a decentralized website hosted on it on web3, imagine how much content you could put out pretty early as the web3 and the Metaverse progress. Feel like you should get one yet? Read on to know-how.

How to mint a .Metaverse or .vr domain on

In order to mint an NFT domain name from the list of TLDs supported by you will need to go to the website and connect your metamask or trust wallet. Then you will be able to search for your preferred domain name. There are two possibilities. If your domain name is available and hasn’t been minted you can choose the mint option and mint it by confirming the transaction on the wallet. After this the NFT domain name becomes yours. If it isn’t available then you can buy it from the current owner on the P2P marketplace.


Once you’ve minted the .Metaverse or .vr domain name you will be able to use or store in your crypto wallet for as long as you want. It will remain yours until you sell it or transfer it to a new owner. The ecosystem will allow you to use it to host decentralized websites or to use it as a replaced wallet address. More functionalities will come up as the ecosystem moves forward.


How are .vr and .Metaverse domain names beneficial?


Since the web3 domains will majorly be used for hosting decentralized websites on the web3, you will be able to put out amazing content on your decentralized website without having to worry about a third-party intervention.


Let’s say that you have yourself a . Metaverse domain name. You will be able to host a decentralized website on the ecosystem making you a part of the web3. Now you will be able to put out and generate content for the internet of tomorrow. Essentially, you become a part of the revolution and paves the way for you.  Also, if you put out content related to the Metaverse, people on the web3 will easily find your content since your website ends with a .Metaverse TLD. Right on point.


It doesn’t get simpler than this. An NFT unstoppable domains name isn’t just an NFT domain name. It’s a gateway to opportunities that will bloom in the very foreseeable future.


See you on!



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