Hindujas to convert Mumbai headquarters into a 32-floor skyscraper

Hindujas to convert Mumbai headquarters into a 32-floor skyscraper

The Hinduja House, located in Worli, Mumbai, is a significant property owned by the Hinduja Group. Originally a six-floor building, it is situated overlooking the Arabian Sea. However, the Hinduja Group has ambitious plans to transform it into a 32-storey tower in the next 3-4 years. This redevelopment project aims to give a modern facelift to its iconic headquarters.

The Hinduja Group is a prominent Indian conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of businesses spanning across 11 sectors. They are recognized for their extensive presence in a wide array of industries, including banking, finance, automotive, energy, healthcare, and more. With a substantial workforce employing over 200,000 individuals, the group is a major player in the Indian and global business landscape.

Hindujas to convert Mumbai headquarters into a 32-floor skyscraper

Notably, the relocation of the Hinduja Group’s headquarters to its current building in Worli, Mumbai, from Iran took place in the 1980s, underscoring the historical significance of their presence in this location. The property itself occupies nearly half-an-acre of prime land, making it a valuable asset in a strategic location overlooking the Arabian Sea. Moreover, its proximity to significant landmarks such as the National Sports Complex of India and the Nehru Science Centre further adds to its prestige and appeal.

The planned transformation of the Hinduja House into a 32-storey tower reflects the group’s commitment to modernization and expansion, which is in line with their long-standing business legacy and vision for the future.

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On September 12, the Hinduja Group made a significant announcement regarding the restoration and redevelopment of the historic ‘Old War Office’ building in London, which was once used by Britain’s World War II-era Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The group embarked on this project in collaboration with Raffles Hotels & Resorts. The Old War Office is a prestigious property situated in Whitehall, directly opposite Downing Street, and the Hinduja Group had acquired it over eight years ago with the vision of transforming it into a luxurious establishment.

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As part of this ambitious restoration and redevelopment effort, the Old War Office will be converted into a luxury hotel featuring 120 guest rooms and suites, in addition to offering a range of amenities such as world-class restaurants and spa facilities. The project aims to preserve the historical significance and architectural heritage of the building while modernizing it to meet the expectations of discerning travelers seeking a luxury experience.

The Hinduja Group’s announcement of the official opening of the renovated Old War Office on September 26 is a significant milestone in their efforts to revive and repurpose historical landmarks. This project underscores the group’s strong commitment to preserving the rich heritage of iconic buildings while simultaneously contributing to the thriving hospitality and tourism sector in London.

The transformation of the Old War Office into a top-tier luxury hotel signifies a blend of history and modernity. This historic building, once associated with Winston Churchill and World War II, will now serve as a destination that offers a unique experience for visitors. It is expected to draw a diverse crowd, including history enthusiasts keen to immerse themselves in the historical significance of the venue, as well as luxury travelers seeking an opulent and distinctive stay in the heart of London.

The opening of this luxury hotel not only adds to London’s vibrant hospitality landscape but also brings new life to a piece of Britain’s past. It allows guests to step back in time while enjoying contemporary comforts and services. The Hinduja Group’s investment in this project showcases their commitment to revitalizing heritage properties and contributing positively to the cultural and economic landscape of the city. It’s a testament to their vision of blending the old and the new in a way that enriches both the past and the present for generations to come.

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