How Just.Jobs, a Popular Free Job Posting Site Can Ease Your Hiring Pain?

Hiring a candidate who perfectly fits the role of a job is not that easy as it sounds. Whether you are planning to hire a delivery boy, driver or office staff, there are certain mandatory procedures which you will have to follow starting from posting job adverts to short listing candidates and interviewing them.
These days, job boards have made the task of posting the current vacancies easier for recruiters. But with so many job boards out there, recruiters can often get overwhelmed about where to post. Just.Jobs is a free job posting site for recruiters used by many who are looking to hire office staff, delivery boys, drivers, cooks, maids, beauticians or accountants along with that it is also a job search app for same type of jobseekers.
Just.Jobs is a fast growing job portal with an easily downloadable mobile app for android, targeted toward blue-collar and entry-level job sector in India. It was designed with an aim to help recruiters and job seekers have a great experience while hiring staff and searching for jobs. It is an easy to use and navigate, helps you post jobs by categories, post by job type, post by cities, and on top of that, it is absolutely free to post jobs on this site.
If you are a hiring manager looking for a free job posting site to advertise your job, Just.Jobs is the right portal for you. Here are several reasons how Just.Jobs portal can ease your hiring pain.
You Don’t Need Your Credit Card to Post Your Adverts: Yes, Just.Jobs portal is absolutely free. If you are a startup or a company working on a tight budget, you don’t want to spend your huge amount on hiring cost. You can post your job requirements on Just.Jobs as it allows you to post a job for free. The money you save on hiring can be spent in other more important areas of your business.
It is Easy to Navigate and Understand: You don’t have to be a tech guru to be able to use or navigate on Just.Jobs. Its interface is very simple and you will be able to complete the task of job posting with ease and without confusion. It is, unlike some complicated job posting sites that wants you to throw your devices across the room in frustration while using. Just.Jobs though being a free portal allows you an easy-to-use platform and won’t take much time of yours to post your job. Whether you wish to hire drivers, cooks or delivery boys, you can do it with ease.
Easy to Install and Mobile Friendly App: You can download Just.Jobs app in your android phone for free from Google Play Store with just one click and use it to search for jobs. It is focused on blue/gray collar jobs or entry level jobs such as driver, delivery, cook, maid, housekeeping, office boy, peon or beautician jobs.
Obligation-Free: There is no obligation to submit any payment details or credit/debit card details at Just.Jobs. You can still avail the benefit of free posting without having to undergo any such procedure.
Make a Great First Impression as an Employer: First impression is often the last impression. You can make a great first impression as an employer at Just.Jobs as this portal allows you to build beautifully-integrated employer profiles. You just have to get creative to provide a competitive edge. Note that, not only candidates are competing among themselves to land on a job but the competition is equally stiff among recruiters too to get a hold of the most skilled candidate. By having a great company profile, you can be at the top of the game in your industry.   
Make Job Posting Task Convenient: Since mobile phones are always within your reach, you can make your job postings from anywhere without having to start up your monitor or laptop. Yes, convenience is one major reason why recruiters use Just.Jobs mobile site. You can post your job requirements while lying on your couch or even while traveling.  
Reach Out to a Wider Audience Free of Cost: Just.Jobs is a portal visited daily by thousands of job seekers in India. You will have a wider audience pool whether you wish to hire office staff or hire candidates for an odd job. As per the technology consultancy counterpoint research, over 300 million Indians use smartphones. Considering the vast number of smartphone users, it is only wise as a hiring manager to advertise your job where there will be plenty of potential candidates. And the best part is you get to do it for free.
Posting your job on Just.Jobs will give you a better option rather than just sticking to your own company website. And a wider audience will result in higher probability of filling up the vacancy soon, providing you an edge over the others in your industry. There are several employees who have joined their dream jobs through the job portals, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.
Organize Your Post: Just.Jobs portal allows users to post jobs by categories, cities, and by types thus making your job posts more organized. This feature is beneficial both for recruiters and job seekers. As a recruiter, this organized search option will make it easier for your potential candidates to find you. It is also more likely that only interested candidates skilled for the job will approach you through your job posts and you won’t have to deal with unwanted applicants.
For instance, when you post jobs by cities, you can post a job in particular city where the vacancy is. The categories option allows you to post jobs in specific categories such as cook jobs, sales jobs, BPO jobs, Peon jobs, and alike. When you post jobs by type, you can specify whether you want to hire candidates for freelance jobs, contract jobs, full time jobs, part time jobs, internship jobs or temporary jobs. 
The organized job posting option provided by Just.Jobs will definitely ease your hiring burden.
View Candidate’s Profile from Anywhere: One of the biggest benefits of using Just.Jobs mobile site is that your phone goes with you wherever you are and you can carry out your regular tasks while you are up and about. You can view your candidate profile, one of the most popular features of it. You can view basic & requisite information about the candidate which can help you decide whether he or she is fit in your organization or not.
Be it day or night, you can log in to Just Job portal to look after your requirements.
Recruit the Right Candidate for the Job: Tired of receiving junk resumes that are not applicable to your requirements?  The process of recruiting can be really frustrating. You can change all that by posting on Just.Jobs where you can purchase jobseeker contacts of the right & skilled candidates that can aid in filtering and sorting out the right applicants for your job posting. You can post an advert for exactly what you want such as ‘Food Delivery Boy’ or a ‘Commi-Chef’ and get approached by potential candidates. Just.Jobs is efficient and less time consuming in terms of finding the right candidate in the nick of time.
Get Your Company Name Listed in the ‘Search Companies’ List: Any candidate can search for you by your company name in the ‘Search Companies’ list available on Just.Jobs. It is a great way to market yourself on Google & to potential candidates and get found by skilled aspirants.
Benefit from the Free Instant Job Alerts: Job seekers can get free instant job alerts on their mobile phones every time a recruiter posts a new job by enabling the feature. Chances are many serious candidates have enabled this feature and so your job post is more likely to be seen by the right candidate. You don’t have to waste time calling up your candidates to update them with the current status or receive calls.
Money Back Guarantee: While you can post your ads for free, like every reputed free job posting site, Just.Jobs also requests a certain payable amount to enable recruiters and job seekers to access certain features. However, unlike many other sites, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. You won’t be wasting your money by investing in Just.Jobs. If you don’t like the service it provides, you can always get your money back without having to answer any questions. Moreover, you can cancel, upgrade or ask for refund anytime.  
Get Favorited by Candidates: Feedbacks are very important in the online world as it helps to build trust and relationship. Just like you search for reviews and feedback from other buyers and users when you wish to buy a product online, candidates will be looking for reviews to ascertain that you are a trusted employer. When a certain candidate likes the job you offer, Just.Jobs provides an option for them to favorite jobs and employers instantly. Thus, other potential candidates can view you as a trusted employer and approach you.
Get Recognition as a Verified Employer: Many free job posting sites allow anyone from any corner of the world to make job postings resulting in many fake advertisements. It spoils the reputation of the portal and other serious employers too. Just.Jobs ensures that there is no room for bogus employers. Only verified employers get to make job postings on their site thus saving your company’s name and reputation.
Enjoy 100% Satisfaction: Just.Jobs is loved and trusted by 60,000+ SMBs and Startups. You can be one among them and enjoy the 100% satisfaction it provides. It is one of the best job search sites available today.
Great Customer Support: Customer satisfaction is a priority at Just.Jobs. You can contact the friendly and knowledgeable team of customer support anytime and get your queries answered or issues settled. You don’t want to be dealing with an angry or an unhelpful customer support, do you?  
Enjoy Lifetime Validity: Unlike some job portals, your job credits never expire in Just.Jobs. You can make job postings anytime and enjoy lifetime validity. You don’t have to worry about whether your job credits will be available after 6 months or not. Once you post, it will remain there unless you post & finish it.
Secure and Reliable: Just.Jobs is a very secure and reliable platform. It does not misuse the information you provide. Joining hands to work with this job portal will be one of the best decisions you take for your business as it will leave you worry-free.  
You don’t have to Deal with Ads: User-experience is not good in a site that allows ad pop ups. Not that all ads are bad but they are intrusive and ruin your online experience. People often leave a site because it is full of ads. Thankfully, Just.Jobs portal is free of ads or limited to few ads and will provide users with the best user-experience. Your potential candidate will not run away from the site because of ad displays. Thus, this ads-proof feature alone can help bring many aspirants to the site.
Job Search Apps on mobile phones make it easy not only for job seekers to apply for desired positions but it is equally beneficial for recruiters as well. With Just.Jobs app, you can get more number of applicants to further filter and find the right talent conveniently. And since pricing plans provided by Just.Jobs are very cheap, it will save you a lot on hiring cost. The best part is, the app is free, and only verified hiring managers are allowed to post jobs on the job portal.  Ditch the traditional process of posting ads on print media or don’t rely fully on them. You can ease your hiring pain by choosing Just.Jobs as your hiring partner to find and filter the right candidate for the job.
Post your job post for free at Just.Jobs now!

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