How Retail Packaging shape Influence product Sales

Since ages product packaging has served masses in terms of product safety and freshness, however, the modern era, has completely changed the purpose of packaging. Today, it has become an important marketing tool as packaging is the first thing that a prospective customer registers when he/she buys your product.

In this world full of competition, where you have so many competitors over the same product, the only thing to stand out from the crowd is the creative shape packaging design. Consumers do not think about the product until they enter the place of purchase, thus communication in a point of sale, through packaging, becomes more critical.

Packaging shape impacts a decision to buy as well as identifies what type of item it is. Innovative package shape can make or even break a sale, or a brand. You can speak volumes of things to a consumer without saying a word just by choosing an innovative style to present your product on or off the shelf.

Let’s have a look at different aspects of packaging shape:

Edges & Curves :

Curves and Cuts can impact a decision to buy as well as identify what type of item it is and whom it is made for. In general psychology, Femininity can be visualised in curves whereas edges, angular shapes etc. of the packaging portray masculinity.

Dimension Matters:

From the early ages of packaging, size has been an essential factor to draw consumers attention. Generally, small shape packaging with impressive graphics can give out a sign that the product is of high quality, but large shapes can come across as higher in value.

Instigate you to pick:

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The human mind is fascinated by different and attractive styles. Even if they are unaware of the product, but an attractive or unique packaging shape helps in influencing the customers to try the product at least once.

Indicate the product:

The packaging shape can express the benefits or traits of the product. For example, A health-related product can have a slim shape which reflects excellent health.

Acceptable & Practical:

Shape packaging channelises the perception of the product. The product should be designed in such a way that it has better dispensing and should be convenient to use. E.g., Heinz glass bottle ketchup which later was resolved with user-friendly squeeze bottle was highly appreciated and accepted by a large crowd.


Structural creativity of the product makes a entice niche with the customers and are more likely among consumers. Packaging Designs, unlike Kinder Joy, are very creative and not only children even adults are also attracted with such kind of fantastic creativity.

Long-Lasting Multiple Uses:

Secure shapes build buying confidence. Human mindset is built on the perception of getting attracted to innovative and creative things. A packaging shape that has multiple uses certainly attracts a customer.


Packaging should be used to speak to the world without saying a single word that is what should go into the shape of the product as well. Moreover, product shapes are the best way to express your thoughts directly at the first glimpse.

Moreover, packaging shape adds a flavour in the designing. As a Leading product label and packaging design agency, Designerpeople objective is to generate more sales for your product by bringing creativity & custom approach altogether to make your product stand out among all.

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By Ms. Megha Malik, co-founder, DesignerPeople

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