Software development has many variables to consider the cost evaluation stage. This is because each software development project has different tools and dynamics to it. As a result, there is always a tricky feel when a new customer asks, “How Much Does the Software Development Cost?” 

As a software development company, there have been mistakes that you might have made over time in software development that has taken all your money. You are not alone in this. There are several other companies in your shoes. Hence, in this article, we provide you with seven industry-proven tips that you can deploy in your business and ultimately reduce software development costs. 

how to reduce software development costs

Have a Plan

A process without a plan is doomed to fail. Imagine building a house that does not have an initial planned out structure or estimate of the cost. Building such a structure would eventually fail with an unnecessary amount of money already spent. The same is with software development. The very first thing to do is to plan. Map out the whole process of software development. Check out the required essential features with the customer or client. Draw out your pathway to achieve the desired goal and estimate process costs before developing the software in itself.

Planning would save you from unnecessary costs. How so? When you have done a market search and have come around with an estimated sum that each development stage would incur, you have the actual picture of what to bill your clients in mind. And during this cost estimation stage, you might have developed some relationships with some stakeholders involved in these costs and reached a bargaining balance with them. This would produce an overall price beat-down on the expenses.

You can track the health of your sprint using Waydev, more specifically the Sprints feature. The Sprints feature aggregates multiple data points, such as tickets associated, unplanned work, ticket priority, the amount of story points assigned, and more historical data. 

Team Specialization 

Not everyone needs to work on a software development project. Work with teams. This is a smarter way of doing business and beating down costs because you have specific and fewer people to pay for software development. This is a fact would not only beat down the cost but also increase the efficiency of each person in that team working towards a desired goal. Hence, the people involved in this software development would know the software in and out, recognize the necessary and unnecessary features, recommend improvements ideas to you, and have their whole minds fixed on the project.

When a team works on an individual project, statistics show that they tend to put their all into it. There is a natural feeling that comes with creating a thing. It gives you a sense of ownership and hones your creative abilities. Therefore, it would be best if you worked with teams. This would allow these people to invest their minds and undivided focus on one thing. Consequently, more efficiency, less cost. This is the golden dream of every business. 


Outsourcing means being able to choose developers based on their technical background and how that fits into the project or job you are working on. Hence, you can outsource your software development project to another company at a reasonable low price and with high quality of products.

The power of outsourcing cannot be overemphasized. There are certain regions in the world where skilled software developers can be hired on an outsourcing contract for reasonably low prices. Countries in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Asia fall into your advantage channel in this regard. Countries like Mexico, India, Ukraine, China, etc. have high-quality software developers who can afford an outsourcing alternative. 

Clear Communication

To reduce your costs, you must communicate clearly. This is very powerful because unnecessary costs have been incurred due to inadequate or poor communication between stakeholders. Every level of communication, no matter how small, must be taken seriously and done efficiently.

To avoid miscommunication, you can start with a consistent daily meeting to discuss the entire workflow extensively. Throughout this period, it is crucial that the team documents and takes notes of the information and ideas during brainstorming sessions.

You can as well adopt a milestone or a data-driven agile software development approach. At every milestone, you reach out to the customer and take their feedback or suggestions on your current stage of development. Git Analytics tools, such as Waydev and Code Climate Velocity, help engineering leaders adopt a data-driven software development approach to management.

Consistent and Periodic Tests

There is no way there would not be bugs or errors in the code or something. To avoid the accumulation of these errors, it is crucial you test, test, and test again. Start testing the software from the very developmental stage. Do not allow the errors and bugs to fester. When you test at the initial stage, you quickly identify and correct such flaws before the software’s full development.

This right here can save you from unnecessary stress and costs at the later phase of the software development. If you do not repeatedly test during the development stage, you would have to rework and most likely restart the entire process. This takes money. So it is always smart to take the stress of testing your software from the initial stage and periodically throughout the whole developmental process.

Work with Necessities Only

When you know that some features are unnecessary in the software, you should do away with them, at least for the first version. Unnecessary features amount to unnecessary costs.

Hence, make sure you know the software’s critical and fundamental features and incorporate them into it. The so-called “nice to have” can wait as extensions on subsequent version updates. Do not be lost in the euphoria of making software then forgetting the cost impact of the unnecessary features in the long run.

Beating down costs for business and achieving more is the dream of every enterprise. These tips have shed some light upon beating down your costs as a software development company. You will surely enjoy the impacts when you use them.

Source: Techstory

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