Innovation and Disruption can be Opportunities or Threats, Depending on the Way You steer your Business. But They are Here to Stay.

The world is focusing on innovation – products, services, processes, strategy, etc. – ever than before. There’s a continuous spike in the adoption of an innovative mindset increasing the scope for creative products, services, processes, etc. Businesses and individual entrepreneurs are all working on diverse innovative solutions for pan industries. Much is being said about the need for innovation as a way out to avoid being obsolete, and rightly so.
A less understood fact is that innovation itself can, and will, disrupt innovation because it is the unexpected and less understood that most often threatens existence. What is happening today will influence the future. Businesses need to look deeper into the changes around them and assess their impact for ensuring that they are not wiped out in the future. Add to this the widening gap of business demands vs. the shortage of resources, manpower and infrastructure and sustainability is not going to be anything close to easy.
The one consistent piece of advice when it comes to innovation is ‘Think Outside The Box’. Beaviour adds discipline to it. It provides a grounded and real assessment of an idea or innovation, evaluation of possibilities and use that to scale up for the long haul. It also supports, ground up, to keep a tab on both the obvious and un-obvious threats that can surprise enterprises. Right from evaluating the potential of an idea to its protection to customised go-to-market strategies to creating the Innovation Narrative to expand into further opportunities and partnerships, there’s something for every business at Beaviour. 
Beaviour is dominated by a curiosity that keeps gnawing it to push original thinking & deliver simple, real and sustainable results for its customers. It’s an honest attitude – a beaver behaviour to stop the damming up. Beaviour accelerates the go-to-market approach by pushing the focus on a business’s novelty. It creates a needy ecosystem and an internal culture of original thinking, taking customers a level UP.  Innovative cultures are desirable but the hard fact is that they are difficult to create and sustain. No matter the size of your business, there will come a time when you will need to face the potential vs. possibilities situation. You can expect to bridge that by partnering with Beaviour.
Future Plans
No two businesses are same. Neither should their Market, Brand & Marketing strategies. Beaviour understand this and its implications, on ground. It brings in possibilities that Businesses and Brands of any size can attain through building their core innovations, narrating an authentic story, keeping a finger on the market pulse and directing programs that bring in higher, long term Revenues and Trust. Beaviour is just born and has a long, tedious and interesting journey ahead. Currently, it is focused on working with enterprises to to adopt a far more serious and methodical approach to made sure they are not wiped out. 
 Beaviour Services Portfolio
Currently, there are 3 distinct services in Beaviour’s portfolio that has been designed to strengthen its clients:  


Backed by IP/Patent, Legal & Research Experts, Beaviour helps assess your innovation and invest in protecting your ideas to generate larger value. Customized packages for:

  1. IP assessment, competitive landscape analysis, market application. Stay well informed of the market risks and potential of your business, and hence, well prepared to take on obvious and un-obvious sources of disruption.
  2. Market assessment, analytics, research, data processing, etc. Build the value chain for your innovations to avoid the risk being wiped out. 

   III.         Building an ecosystem, intersection of patent, intellectual asset, innovation strategy and software technology, application development, and more. 


Brand & Marketing for innovation and sustainability should ultimately target the structures and mindsets that govern the way the world works. Beaviour is here to address this and spread your Innovation story. Whether you want your entire Brand & Marketing function to be built and executed or use its strength to focus on your big picture – tune it to your needs.  

  1. Realise the scale of perception challenges and the time within which they need to be solved
  2. Build connections in and out of your industry, outside echo chambers to bring in new perspectives, unexpected partnerships and future collaborations

   III.         Protection from Idea Theft – Attack stagnation and be celebrated for your originality

  1. Move beyond competition to experiment, learn, share – Be the Brand that commands respect and trust of your Industry.



Step up and Skill up: step up your ambition levels, and skill up on how to work towards fundamental and lasting change. You have answers to pressing questions, you notice things that others don’t, your ideas drown just because you are not utilising them. You are full of insights, ideas and awesome solutions. Only, you don’t have time. Should that stop you from becoming a voice that matters? Absolutely not. Here’s what we can do together:

  1. The value of an Influencer is taking a sharp turn. And it doesn’t consider the number of followers or the frequency of content. Grab this opportunity and be a first in the new age of leadership.
  2. Build your originality – share valuable insights, participate in conversations that matter, grow a valuable network and share a higher growth probability for both business and personal.

   III.         Apply intuitive & human principles to be heard, seen, trusted and wanted.
It is the contemporary, dynamic, innovation focused business with a promise of growth and stability ahead that is sought after by customers, partners, investors and potential employees, NOT the slow-moving dinosaur that is unaware and susceptible to threats of a modern business dynamics. Think about it.
Article By
Puja B
Founder, Beaviour

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