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Interested in a career in Data Science, UI/UX Design? Springboard’s 1:1 mentor-backed programmes can make your transition a reality

The rapid advancement around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning-based applications across industries has created an explosion in technology jobs worldwide. Estimates suggest that 1500-2000 UI/UX Design jobs for junior designers across India get added each month and according to studies carried out by Upwork and Glassdoor, Data Science and UI/UX jobs are among the most sought-after, and highest-paid at the entry-level.

It has also been estimated that the technology workforce in India is expected to grow 300 percent by 2024. But the landscape of the technology industry itself is rapidly undergoing an overhaul. NASSCOM predicted that close to 65 percent of IT jobs are expected to undergo a transition in the next five years, and around 58 percent of professionals will need to up-skill themselves.

How Springboard can help make your career transition a reality

“The shelf life of skills is decreasing and whatever people learnt in college is quickly outdated in three to five years. So, the traditional model of education, where you get a college degree at the beginning of your career, is no longer going to last you 40 years of your career. Lifelong learning or investing in skills or upskilling every three to five years will become the new norm,” said Parul Gupta, Co-founder, Springboard, an online platform for workforce upskilling.

The team at Springboard believes that all education must make one ready for the real-world, that everyone’s pace of learning is unique, and that the ideal learning experience should be designed to fit the pace of one’s life.
“And that’s why we feel having a flexible online model where people can learn at their own time with whatever full-time jobs or life commitments they have is really important in helping people upskill,” added Gupta.
To that end, Springboard offers comprehensive 6-9 month programmes on Data Analytics, Data Science, AI-machine learning, and UI/UX design suitable for early and mid-career professionals with a job guarantee within six months of graduation. Cohorts for these programmes enroll on a monthly basis which allows for greater flexibility.
What sets Springboard apart from other online education platforms is that it understands the fundamental importance of the human touch to providing education of real-world value. Which is why learners with Springboard will be assigned a mentor who is an industry professional in the chosen stream. Learners will work with the mentor in a 360-degree learning model that will involve:

  • Learning important concepts.
  • Understanding and implementing practical industry insights that few teachers provide.
  • Building a portfolio by working on real-world scenarios through case studies, problem sets, and project-based assignments.
  • Using the much-needed networking advice provided to land their dream job.

Prospective learners can also have a look at Springboard’s YouTube channel. Through its insightful explainer videos, career advice videos and interviews with industry experts, they can get a peek into how a mentor can provide the edge needed to help them succeed in achieving their dream career in the new world of AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics or UI/UX design.
Springboard’s 360-degree learning model ensures that there is an intervention to aid the learner at every stage of the upskilling and job acquisition process. Teaching assistants ensure that the learner receives the necessary technical assistance throughout the duration of the programme, and a career coach will ensure that no stone is left unturned in helping them make the transition to the job of their dreams.

How Springboard’s unique take on mentorship can add the career edge you need

“We believe that each of us is unique, and so are our learning needs. That is why, in a one size fits all model, some people can feel left behind whereas others can find the material too simple and get bored. This is where the one-to-one mentorship model really revolutionises learning by focusing on solving questions, rather than teaching in a cookie cutter model. The ideal learning experience fits into our life’s pace, with support from advisors and mentors who understand us individually. We believe that education should prepare us for the real world, and that working on meaningful projects under the guidance of industry experts is one of the best ways to get there,” said Parul Gupta, Co-founder, Springboard.

“Mentoring allows the individual to seek a specific area of information, or knowledge which is highly customised. That is why a one-to-one mentoring is very much like having a personal coach in industry application, knowledge imparting or career counseling,” said Vivek Kumar, MD of Springboard.
Giving a personal example, Kumar explained how a mentor helped him to transition from working in the consumer goods industry to the education industry by helping him understand its nuances, and how he can leverage his experience, and address gaps in his knowledge so that he can be better propped up for success.

“Each one of us has unique needs and aspirations. On top of it, we have a very busy work life. If one chooses to cover the entire process of transitioning themselves alone, the process is going to be cumbersome and long- drawn. With a mentor to guide us, we can learn from the mistakes that the mentor has made, the success he has achieved, and the insights he has gathered.”

Kumar explained that this will make the process of transitioning much shorter and smoother with a higher probability of success. That is why mentoring is one of the mainstays of the learning experience at Springboard.
Springboard’s education model has launched thousands of students across more than 100 countries into professional success. Its learners and mentors, which include Farhat Habib, Director of Data Science at InMobi, Dipanjan Sarkar, Data Scientist with Redhat, among others, have also created lifelong bonds with learners on their upskilling journey.

Springboard’s journey so far

In the six years since its inception, Springboard has helped close to 3,500 learners transition and see an average salary increase of $26,000, or at least 20 percent after the course. Of these 3,500 learners, Springboard has only seen three refunds, which speaks volumes about its commitment to its learners to upskill to the job that they desire.
Alumni work at over 50 percent of the Fortune 100, in Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and UX Design roles at companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Boeing, and Visa along with many startups and MNCs.
The upcoming cohort for Springboard’s online programmes on Data Analytics, AI-ML, Data Science and UI/UX Design will begin next month, click here to apply.

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