iOS 12 is coming…be ready with this 10-Day iPhone App Bootcamp for just $15

ios 12 is comingbe ready with this 10 day iphone app bootcamp for just 15

iOS 12, Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system, is only days away from a full-scale rollout. And if its beta is any indication, iPhone and iPad users are in for a load of new iOS 12 features and improvements. Better search and sharing for photos, more Siri access to third-party apps, and even Memojis (emojis customized to look like you) are all a part of this new update.
How about changes for those who craft iPhone and iPad apps? Some of the new shifts could be vital, which is why the 10-Day iPhone App Bootcamp can get newbies and experienced pro developers up to speed. Best of all, the training is just $15, an over 90 percent savings, from TNW Deals.
Source: The Next Web

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