Karnataka govt to partner with tech firms to establish Bengaluru Cybersphere Centre to curb crime

Karnataka govt to partner with tech firms to establish Bengaluru Cybersphere Centre to curb crime

The Karnataka government is taking proactive steps to address the growing concern of cybercrimes. They are planning to collaborate with technology companies to establish the ‘Bengaluru Cybersphere Centre for Excellence.’

During the ‘Techfusion Sunrise Summit-2023,’ an event organized by the Karnataka government and attended by representatives from the IT industry, Home Minister G Parameshwara shared this initiative. He stated that the Bengaluru Cybersphere Center would be a joint effort between the home department and information and communication technology (ICT) and biotechnology companies. The center’s primary objectives are to promote knowledge sharing, encourage innovation, and facilitate skill development in the field of cybersecurity.

Karnataka govt to partner with tech firms to establish Bengaluru ...

This collaborative initiative reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the evolving challenges of cybercrimes and harnessing the expertise of the tech industry to enhance cybersecurity measures in the state.

The ‘Bengaluru Cybersphere Centre for Excellence’ is poised to be a significant catalyst in bolstering cybersecurity and law enforcement efforts in Karnataka. Home Minister G Parameshwara has outlined a comprehensive set of objectives for the center, which collectively aim to create a robust ecosystem for addressing cybercrimes and ensuring public safety.

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At the forefront of its mission is the promotion of collaborative innovation, with a focus on developing cutting-edge technologies that will support law enforcement agencies and enhance public safety. This underscores the center’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of cybersecurity.

Furthermore, the center’s strategic objectives include devising innovative approaches to combat cybercrimes effectively, harnessing technological capabilities for monitoring social media, actively engaging with the community to raise awareness and promote cybersecurity consciousness, and facilitating skill development programs to empower individuals with the necessary expertise.

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One of the center’s crucial roles will be to create and implement technological solutions tailored to the needs of law enforcement agencies. It will also offer specialized training programs to law enforcement personnel, covering critical areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics, and emerging technologies. In essence, the Bengaluru Cybersphere Centre for Excellence is poised to become a pivotal institution dedicated to bolstering cybersecurity, advancing technological capabilities, and ensuring the safety and security of the region.

Home Minister G Parameshwara underscored the significance of this initiative in reducing the crime rate and enhancing public safety in Bengaluru. The funding for the Bengaluru Cybersphere Centre for Excellence will be a shared effort between the Home Department and private technology companies, with the project slated to be implemented in phases. Parameshwara highlighted the core objective of this partnership with tech companies: to improve crime detection and prevention, ultimately working toward making Bengaluru a safer city for its residents.

In addition to this cybersecurity initiative, the event saw participation from representatives of tech firms situated in key areas of Bengaluru, such as Outer Ring Road, Electronics City, and Whitefield. These tech companies expressed their interest in collaborating with the state government on a broader spectrum of issues, including addressing challenges like traffic congestion and other infrastructure development, showcasing a commitment to the holistic development and improvement of the city.

Home Minister G Parameshwara outlined the government’s strategy to expand its developmental focus to tier-2 cities in Karnataka, such as Tumkuru, Mysuru, Hubballi-Dharwad, and Balagavi. Additionally, the government plans to establish area-based clusters to distribute investments and development initiatives more evenly across the state.

Parameshwara highlighted the government’s commitment to development by allocating Rs 32,000 crore for five guarantees, aimed at empowering women in the state. He acknowledged Bengaluru’s significant contribution, accounting for 34 percent of the national income, despite challenges like traffic congestion and complaints about road infrastructure.

Raman Gupta, Additional Commissioner of Police (East Zone) in Bengaluru City, emphasized the pivotal role of the newly established center. He explained that the center would facilitate coordination between tech companies and startups and the police across various domains, including entertainment, cybersecurity, social media, skill development, community engagement, and support for gig workers. The center is expected to engage in a wide range of activities, with the cooperation and technical support of technology firms, contributing to the city’s overall safety and development.

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