Machine learning is one of the most demanded and financially rewarded career-streams to tap into today!

The world of Tech is so multi-faceted and yet ever evolving. One such exciting branch of tech-oriented functions is that of machine learning.

So what is machine learning exactly?

In layman’s terms, it’s a mechanism whereby the ‘machines’ or systems automatically ‘learn’ and improve themselves. Sounds magical and quite out of this earthly world right? For those unaware, today this progress in the realm of the tech has actually already taken place with the introduction of AI or artificial intelligence.

Thus Machine learning is basically a feature of AI that enables systems to learn and improve based on experiences without any explicit programming tweaks or add-ons by humans. Thus this highly specialized function develops programs that can inherently access data. The programs are developed in a way that they shall automatically use data to learn better and improve themselves.

Exhilarating right? Do you know what’s even more exhilarating though? That now you can too embark on this one of its kind journey and create a world of difference in the everyday workings of companies at home and abroad! Yes, if the above has struck a chord and you’re finding yourself intrigued and attracted to the machine learning universe – this is your perfect chance!

In fact, this is not only great for those inherently loving tech-related fields. Actually, a career in machine learning shall have you sorted professionally and financially for years to come! One of the most sought after and respected qualifications to boast, machine learning specialists have immense potential in the corporate field.

Expect well-paid jobs and the top tier companies on the look-out for these intuitively smart souls always. From Google to Apple, to Amazon, to Facebook to Uber – all demand machine learning engineers today! What’s more? The demand is to grow to 70% by 2020! Thus if you’re still looking for that perfect career change or kick-start, expect         machine learning to change your life forever.

Where to begin and how? Here is an Inventiva approved certification course as the perfect entry to the world of Machine learning. In fact, the course shall not only enable you with all machine learning techniques but will also fetch you a great job in the field. Read on to find out more about this one of its kind opportunity:

What to expect from the course?

At the end of the course, you shall become certified machine learning Engineer. 100% placement support is guaranteed alongside technical support. The course is conducted and managed by Inventateq, a market leader and reputed name for tech-related training for a decade.

Expect classrooms to be fully equipped with all modern facilities in place. Real-time projects form the foundation of the lessons learnt. A hands-on practical approach is adopted which shall ready the students for the real corporate world outside. Expect to work on case-studies that you can showcase as part of a rich portfolio to future employers. Till date, 3409 + have already been trained in the course with 4.9/5 average student ratings.

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About Inventateq

Inventateq is an Software Training company. The company conducts all sorts of relevant Data Science courses and tech-related specialized training. Job-oriented training is what Inventateq is known for and specializes in. From freshers to IT professionals, there’s something for everyone to learn and develop their skills further at Inventateq. The company aims to graduate students who are entirely geared up to face challenges of real-life corporate scenarios. They desire is to create value, earn trust, deliver results, exceed expectations, and empower people.


Expect to learn only from the best. The trainer for the machine learning course has over 12 + Years of industry experience. From data analysis to programming to machine learning, the trainer is extremely well-versed with all. The trainer also boasts of 5 yrs of mentoring experience on machine learning certification courses.

Course Duration

The course goes on for about 2 months. Both weekday and weekend batches are available. In fact for those on tight schedules, Fast track classes are also organized to complete the course more swiftly.

Training Method

In-depth knowledge of each topic is provided in classes. Practical projects are given to gain hands-on experience. Practice assignments and real-life case studies from the industry. Online classes are also available for a remote set up. The online classes are led by instructors and are live one-on-one sessions (not automated and impersonal). Corporate training can also be provided for teams of employees. Students are entitled to come in for a free demo class for judging the merits of the course before enrolling. Back-up classes are available for topics that you’ve missed out on.

Course Location

Machine learning courses are run in the Bangalore and Chennai training centres. These are located at BTM Layout, Marathahalli, Jayanagar, Kalyan Nagar, Rajaji Nagar, Velachery. In case for companies opting for corporate training, the course can be conducted at your office space if the need may be.

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Expect only the best learning environment. Fully equipped lab facilities with a computer system for each student and free wifi. Expect clean classrooms with comfortable seatings, writing pads and stationery as a deal of the package. Projectors and most-up-to-date study material in place.

Programming tools covered in the course


  • R Programming

  • Scala

  • Apache Spark

  • TensorFlow

  • Keras

  • SciKit-Learn

  • Edward

  • Lime

  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

  • AWS Machine Learning

  • Amazon Machine Learning (AML)

  • JAVA


  • Basics of Python, Spark, R, SQL & Statistics

  • Deep Learning Algorithms

  • Data Modelling with Python

  • Feature Engineering

  • Applied Machine Learning & Text Mining

  • Data Science Expert

  • Build foundational ML models in Python

  • statistics, programming, and algorithms

  • Supervised Learning

  • Unsupervised Learning

  • Applications of Machine Learning such as Face detection and Speech recognition

Real-time projects that the students shall work on as part of the course

E-commerce Domain

Machine learning projects in e-commerce set-ups are provided to students to work on. They use the knowledge of the programming and skills acquired during the course to apply to these real-life set-ups.

Social Media

Machine Learning has a rather massive scope in the realm of social media. Much can be done accessing and learning from important data points. What’s working with the target audience and what they’re responding to and how. Students learn to apply machine learning skills to reap the benefits of social media even further.

Robotics Industry

In this project, machine learning again has a significant role to play. Students work on machine learning component of the robotics world. Practically applying what they’ve gathered during the course helps them hone their understanding better. These projects, in turn, add to their portfolio of work that they can showcase at later stages to hiring companies etc.

100% job oriented

One of the key differentiators of the course from that conducted in other institutes is that this one comes alongside 100% placement assistance. Yes, expect a full-functioning placement cell with counsellors to help you get your perfect job. Job Opportunities shall be shared with from time to time.

Moreover, the faculty shall ensure you’re all set to take on those interviews in the first place. Mock exams are organized to hone your skills. Generally asked interview questions and answers are discussed. Mock interviews are held to boost the confidence of the applicant. Your resume and application are drafted and edited as per the best industry standards by the experts at Inventateq.

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data science course in chennai in fact, is not only for freshers looking to embark their careers. It is a valuable and much-respected upgrade to developers and working professionals in general:

Benefits to developers

Once trained in machine learning, developers can enhance their applications by incorporating ML algorithms. A developer with machine learning training and skills plus around 1-3 years of experience can draw between 35 – 60 Lakhs Per Annum.

Benefits to working professionals

The top hiring companies of Machine learning experts are Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, IBM, Microsoft, Google and Netflix etc. Massive MNCs require the specialized knowledge that machine learners bring in. Moreover, certain important applications require imperative machine learning programming such as Self- Driving Cars, Spam Filtering, Crime Detection, Google Search Engine, Google Lens, etc.

For working professionals looking to upgrade their careers and salaries, machine learning is a great choice. The demand is always there and with a qualification, they can become extremely sought after as a professional. Thus they can make a shift from their current domain to the machine learning domain to re-shape their careers towards a much more fruitful stream.

Advanced certifications in machine learning are available for those with basic prior prerequisites in place.

Companies that place course graduates

HP, ITC INFOTECH, IMS health, GENPACT and more!

All in all, the course has much credit to itself. However, don’t take our word for it but hear previous students speak of it for themselves
Student rendered reviews for the course at hand

“ I am pursuing Artificial Intelligence Training and Machine Learning training in chennai from Inventateq and really feeling the Complexity turning into Simplicity. The instructor is more focused towards Hands-on approach in Lab. I will plan to do more IT courses from inventateq and recommend my friends to do also.”- Kavitha

“The course was extremely useful to my full satisfaction and I was really amazed with the real life examples the faculties shared while explaining the theory part.”-Poushali Sanyal

So we’re saying…what are you waiting for? The magical world of machine learning awaits you! Call 7676765421 or 9840021877 to enrol for your free demo class now!

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