Real-life applications and it’s significance in Data Science

Do you know how Google Maps predicts traffic? Are you amused by how Amazon Prime or Netflix subscribes to you just the movie you would watch? We all know it must be some approach of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning involves algorithms and statistical models to perform tasks. This same approach is used to find faces in Facebook and detect cancer too. A Machine Learning course can educate in the development and application of such models. 

Why we need Machine learning?

Artificial Intelligence mimics human intelligence. Machine Learning is one of the significant branches of it. There is an ongoing and increasing need for its development. 
Tasks as simple as Spam detection in Gmail illustrates its significance in our day-to-day lives. That is why the roles of Data scientists are in demand to yield more productivity at present. An aspiring data scientist can learn to develop algorithms and apply such by availing Machine Learning certification. 

Where do we find them?

Machine learning as a subset of Artificial Intelligence, is applied for varied purposes. There is a misconception that applying Machine Learning algorithms would need a prior mathematical knowledge. But, a Machine Learning Online course would suggest otherwise. On contrary to the popular approach of studying, here top-to-bottom approach is involved. An aspiring data scientist, a business person or anyone can learn how to apply statistical models for various purposes. Here, is a list of some well-known applications of Machine Learning. 

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Project Hanover-Microsoft

Microsoft’s research lab uses Machine Learning to study cancer. This helps in Individualized oncological treatment and detailed progress reports generation. The data engineers apply pattern recognition, Natural Language Processing and Computer vision algorithms to work through large data. This aids oncologists to conduct precise and breakthrough tests.
Likewise, machine learning is applied in biomedical engineering. This has led to automation of diagnostic tools. Such tools are used in detecting neurological and psychiatric disorders of many sorts. 

Hello Barbie

We all have had a conversation with Siri or Alexa. They use speech recognition to input our requests. Machine Learning is applied here to auto generate responses based on previous data. Hello Barbie is the Siri version for the kids to play with. It uses advanced analytics, machine learning and Natural language processing to respond. This is the first AI enabled toy which could lead to more such inventions. 

Google maps traffic prediction

Google uses Machine Learning statistical models to acquire inputs. The statistical models collect details such as distance from the start point to the endpoint, duration and bus schedules. Such historical data is rescheduled and reused. Machine Learning algorithms are developed with the objective of data prediction. They recognise the pattern between such inputs and predict approximate time delays. 

Google translate services

Another well-known application of Google, Google translate involves Machine Learning. Deep learning aids in learning language rules through recorded conversations. Neural networks such as Long-short term memory networks aids in long-term information updates and learning. Recurrent Neural networks identify the sequences of learning. Even bi-lingual processing is made feasible nowadays. 

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Facebook Automatic alt+text

Facebook uses image recognition and computer vision to detect images. Such images are fed as inputs. The statistical models developed using Machine Learning maps any information associated with these images. Facebook generates automated captions for images. These captions are meant to provide directions for visually impaired people. This innovation of Facebook has nudged Data engineers to come up with other such valuable real-time applications.

Recommendation systems in Netflix and Amazon Prime

The aim here is to increase the possibility of the customer, watching a movie recommendation. It is achieved by studying the previous thumbnails. An algorithm is developed to study these thumbnails and derive recommendation results. Every image of available movies has separate thumbnails. A recommendation is generated by pattern recognition among the numerical data. The thumbnails are assigned individual numerical values.

Tesla’s self-driving cars

Tesla uses computer vision, data prediction, and path planning for this purpose. The machine learning practices applied makes the innovation stand-out. The deep neural networks work with trained data and generate instructions. Many technological advancements such as changing lanes are instructed based on imitation learning. 

Spam detection in Gmail

Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook engage machine learning techniques such as neural networks. These networks detect patterns in historical data. They train on received data about spamming messages and phishing messages. It is noted that these spam filters provide 99.9 percent accuracy. 

Fitbit stream

As people grow more health conscious, the development of fitness monitoring applications are on the rise. Being on top of the market, Fitbit ensures its productivity by the employment of machine learning methods. The trained machine learning models predicts user activities. This is achieved through data pre-processing, data processing and data partitioning. There is a need to improve the application in terms of additional purposes. 
The above mentioned applications are like the tip of an iceberg. Machine learning being a subset of Artificial Intelligence finds its necessity in many other streams of daily activities. 
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