March Madness Betting- The thriller of 2020

The third month of the new year has finally arrived. The winters have begun to fade, and you can feel the summers at the bay. 2020 has been extremely eventful, some good and some bad. Now let’s talk about something which will make you excited for March. 
People enjoy gaming because it thrills them by producing a feel-good hormone called dopamine. For many, games are a way to escape everyday life. The level of enjoyment is directly proportional to the level of excitement it can produce. Perhaps, that’s the reason why online betting games are one of the most loved categories. Just like these games, March Madness Betting deals with betting in the single-game elimination tournaments through NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), a nonprofit organization that regulates student-athletes. The reason why it’s called Madness Betting is because of the non-stop zeal it produces with a total number of 68-team tournaments and 67 games where losing is not an option! 
Now for the gamers and sports lovers out there, this is a feast! You can not only enjoy sports but are also allowed to try your luck in them. Since there are no second chances in the tournament, you can expect your dopamines to be at an all-time high throughout the March.

Below are the top 3 sportsbooks which are not only safe but also offer an extraordinary pay-out:

i. PointsBet 

This Australian sportsbook company has been the talk of the town for New Jersey. One of the reasons why this sportsbook tops the chart is because of it’s precise focus on only sports wagers. 

  • 2 Risk-Free Bets to $1,500
  • Bonus – 90% 
  • Betting – 92%
  • Banking Info – 90%
  • Customer Service – 92%
  • Overall Rating – 91%

ii. Unibet

Unibet is one of the largest sportsbooks in the European market. Due to the various bonus and refund offers, it has made its way and spread successfully into the US market. They also provide a very reliable customer service, which is available 24×7. 

  • $250 Risk-Free Bet
  • Bonus – 90% 
  • Betting – 93%
  • Banking Info – 85%
  • Customer Service – 90%
  • Overall Rating – 90%

iii. Caesar’s

A complete package in itself! From offering wagers in a variety of sports to different types of bets, Caesar’s has it all. It welcomes the new players with generous bonus offers.
90% Bonus 92% Betting 91% Banking Info 91% Customer Service 91% Overall Rating

  • More than 500 games
  • Bonus – 90% 
  • Betting – 92%
  • Banking Info – 91%
  • Customer Service – 91%
  • Overall Rating – 91%

These are the top sportsbook based on performance and security. Check out the other ones on the March Madness Betting website.
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