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Meet Hrithik Alwani, A Florida-Based Young Entrepreneur Leading The Watch Resale Market.

The U.S. secondary watch market is currently valued at $20 billion, and according to Deloitte’s most recent research, it will expand to a US$35 billion market by 2030, making it a very lucrative sector. Time Piece Trading with COO Hrithik Alwani has drawn a wide range of celebrities and powerful people as customers thanks to its unrivalled selection of classic, luxury and touted watches, including none other than Drake. With customers like Khalil Mack, D’Angelo Russell, SteveWillDoit, London on the Track, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, island Boys, Bhad Bhabie, NBA YoungBoy, Kai Cenat, Zedd, Griffin Johnson, Kyle Foregard, Abby Rao, Benjamin Kickz, Lex Borreo, and many others, this Florida-based business is among the best in the industry.

Mr Hrithik Alwani is a young entrepreneur based out of Florida. He believes that entrepreneurship is about always moving forward: never stopping, never allowing self-doubt or fear take over and believing wholeheartedly that even a wrong decision is better than no decision. He entered the entrepreneurial sector at a young age because of his family’s background in the jewellery and watch businesses. “Experience of a seasoned entrepreneur is precious and no matter how many theoretical models you study, you simply can’t replace the experience you have gained through actually doing the work, failing and succeeding,” says Mr Alwani, who is making his way into the Watch resale market in Florida and all over the world.

Mr Alwani’s family comes from a background in the jewellery and watch business. Learning from his father’s footsteps, he has come a long way, turning the family business into his passion project. As a young child, Hrithik would rather skip school and college activities sometimes and spend his play time at his father’s shop, studying movements and mechanisms of certain pieces, inspecting the new pieces that came in daily and interacting with customers. Later, as he started his first year in college, Mr Alwani’s elder brother, Mr Neelesh Alwani, opened up Timepiece Trading LLC in Miami, Florida.

The company has since then built a solid reputation and goodwill based on its clear, consistent and long-term commitment to quality and customer-focused management services. Their customer service is well known for being personal and exceptional, as they leave no stone unturned in making their clients feel comfortable through their transparency in business. Through consistent efforts, Hrithik and his older brother, Neelesh, the CEO and Founder of Timepeace Trading LLC, have achieved incredible success in a short period of time, proving just how effective hard work combined with skilful knowledge can really make one successful. With expansive success such as this, it seems there’s nothing stopping these young entrepreneurs from reaching untold heights, making their story an inspirational one that serves only to encourage others seeking ambition themselves while offering proof that persistence pays off.

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