10 Best Credit Cards with no Annual Fee in India

When you are getting credit cards in India, then there are annual fees cordoned with the same. You need to make sure that the yearly fees are paid in some instances so that you don’t have to pave in the extra amount or the additional charges later.

How to have a free credit card in India?

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You can opt for a free credit card in India only under these three clauses mentioned.

  1. There are a lot of credit cards that will include the welcome gifts, which are more than the sign-in charges mentioned. So the net cost of you buying the ticket and having to pay the annual fee is completely zero.
  2. There is a credit card annual fee waiver that you can get, especially if you have spent on a certain amount for a month. These apply only to individual cases. The card which you have, when the payment is made, becomes free for the whole year.
  3. There are only a handful of these lifetime free credit cards, which are in India. This means that your choice is minimal.

Even though the choice is limited, there is a wide array of banks providing free credit cards to their users so that they can enjoy the values and benefits for a complete lifetime. Especially for the sensible spender, you can have a credit card with all the basic and the comprehensive benefits mixed on it. The no annual fees imply that you don’t have to pay for the yearly fee for holding your credit card, and it will even cut down the annual maintenance which is provided on your card. The regular benefits of these amazing credit cards are the prime reason why they are chosen.

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Top 10 Best credit cards in India with no annual fees

  1. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit card

This fantastic credit card allows its users to opt-out of the payment for the yearly fees, the prime reason why it has become a favorite name in every single household in India. This fantastic zero credit card in India comes with a ton of benefits and features as well.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL


  • You can earn two award points for every 150 rupees spent directly from your card.
  • When you make your first transaction, then Cleartrip presents you with a 2000 rs voucher.
  • Within 90 days of the activation of your card, if you make a transaction of about 10000, then you can get 10% cashback. This is only valid when the said criteria are met.
  • For the first 12 months, you can enjoy every 3x reward points for all the hotel, dining, and payment for other services made.
  • A 1% fuel surcharge waiver is provided when the transaction made around 400-4000 happens.
  • For the partner restaurants located in India, you can get up to a 15% discount when dining.
  • Buy one ticket from BookMyShow and get one free with the ticket bought.
  • Get around 5x reward points in your bank when your spending limit crosses from 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs in an annual count.

For whom is this card for?

If you are always going out to shop or dine at fancy stores, then the HSBC Platinum Card is the perfect credit card for you to use.

  1. ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

This is a primary credit card with no annual fees, mainly used by those who want to dine out and like to shop around at stores. This credit card is a common one that is used by a lot of people, those who want to save more from the expenses made.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL


  • For the Culinary Treat programs partnered by the ICICI Bank, you can get around a 15% discount from about 800 partnered restaurants throughout India.
  • For fuel transactions that happen over 4000, you can get a 1% surcharge from all the HPCL pumps.
  • For every 100rs spent directly from your card, you can get up to two payback points. This offer is not applicable when you are paying for fuel.
  • To enable all the quick and secure payments, this fantastic credit card is linked to contactless technology so that the transaction becomes faster and smoother.

For whom is this card for?

For the commoners who likes to dine out and shop, this is a fantastic credit card to save.

  1. YES Bank Prosperity Reward Plus

This amazing YES Bank credit card with no annual fees comes with a pack of benefits that you will eventually love.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL (But only a limited time offer)


  • If you spend up to 5000 within 30 days of your card activation, you are bound to get 1250 of reward points directly transferred to your bank.
  • Earn up to a 2x reward point for all the 100rs transaction that you make directly with your card.
  • 3x reward points are consequently made for dining out, and about 4x pay points are made on international purchases.
  • There is a complimentary priority pass membership with about four airport lounge visits, applicable for every year.
  • From the Indian golf courses, you will get one free golf lesson per year.
  • Reach a total spend of about 3.6 lakhs with the help of your card, and you can get a minimum of about 120000 points added to your account.

For whom is this card for?

This fantastic no annual membership fee credit card is meant for everyone who wants to dine out and shop around and eventually save on the purchases made.

  1. Indusind Bank Platinum Credit Card

An IndusInd bank is a fantastic place where you can opt for a no membership for an annual term credit card as quickly as you want.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL (Joining fee is not charged only when you are applying with the help of a third-party source or else it is 3000)


  • This fantastic credit card comes with complimentary golf lessons made from qualified instructors at the gold club.
  • There is exclusive hotel room registration; travel trips benefits and pre tip assurance with concierge services.
  • Complimentary priority pass membership allows you to get access to more than 700 airport lounges every year.
  • There are a lot of insurance covers which you can avail from the authorized frauds made and other digital made transaction surges.
  • Auto assist helps with all the roadside assistance.
  • 1% of the fuel surcharge is what you can enjoy made from all the petrol pumps located in India.

For whom is this card for?

For individuals who are looking for a lavish lifestyle and premium cashback opportunities, this card is the best thing for them.

  1. ICICI Bank Amazon Pay

This fantastic credit card is a minimal one that is used for making a transaction at stores and earning points which can be redeemed later.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL


  • 5% cashback from all the Amazon prime custom shopping made with this card.
  • 3% cashback for all the non-Amazon prime members.
  • 2% cashback on shopping for all the Amazon partner merchants.
  • 1% cashback made from all the payments done.

For whom is this card for?

This card is mainly for those who want to enjoy the Amazon prime benefits and cashback offers.

  1. SBI Card Unnati

SBI is a leading bank in India which has been in the service for more than decades. Getting your SBI Unnati is one leading step to being connected to a wide range of services and features.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL (Renewal fees are only NIL for the first four years)


  • You get to have around one reward point for all the 100 rs spent.
  • You can get a stark cashback of about 500 from every 50000 spent.
  • 1% of fuel surcharge from any petrol pump when the transaction is made around 500-3000.
  • Cash withdrawal gives you up to 50% credit limit.
  • Redeem all your points from a wide variety of gifts from the catalog mentioned.

For whom is this card for?

This card is for those who like to save more on fuel transactions made every year.

  1. YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card

This amazing YES Bank Credit Card is applied if you want to enjoy all the benefits for a complete lifetime.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL (Only a limited time offer)


  • You can get up to 6x bonus points for all the transactions made online for your birthday and even others. And also, get the same reward for every 100 rs transaction made directly from your card.
  • There are around 12 complimentary golf lessons that you can get from the golf course located in India.
  • There is a free membership to all the airport pass programs and about 2 complimentary lounge visits per year done with your card.
  • For all the primary cardholder, you can get insurance coverage of about 6.5 lakhs from your card.
  • There are a discounted interest rate and foreign currency mark-up fee located with this card.

For whom is this card for?

This card is mainly for those who want to avail of all the prosperous benefits made from various luxurious amnesties.

  1. Kotak Gold Fortune

This is a sound credit card for those who are looking to avail of minimum benefits from a zero annual membership credit card.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL


  • Fuel surcharge is made from this fantastic credit card if the transaction ranges between 500-5000.
  • Cash withdrawal comes with about a 50% credit limit.
  • Four pvr free tickets that mark your milestone services.
  • One indigo free ticket availed from this card.
  • There is the insurance of about 50000 if your credit card is lost or stolen.

For whom is this card for?

This card is mainly for those who like to avail of free services and benefits.

  1. Axis Insta Easy Credit Card

If you want stark insurance on a zero membership annual credit card, then this is the best thing that you can avail of.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL


  • It helps you to set your adjustable credit limits from this card.
  • There is around 80% cashback for the fixed deposit made.
  • A 100% credit limit is allowed for the cash withdrawal.
  • 1% of the fuel surcharge and waiver fees from any petrol pump located in India.
  • 15% off from your dining bills, only from the partnered restaurants with this bank.

For whom is this card for?

This card is mainly for those who seek to avail insurance from their credit features.

  1. YES First preferred

Last but not least, this fantastic credit card with no membership payment helps you with a lot of convenient services.

Joining and renewal fees: NIL (Only for a limited time)


  • You can earn up to 15000 reward points and benefits upon completing your first transaction after the 30 days of card activation.
  • There is a surge of complimentary priority pass membership with about four free visits at the airport lounges.
  • There is around one free golf course which you can avail from the selected Indian golf places.
  • If you want to book your tickets from BookMyShow, then you can get about a 25% discount.
  • There is the life insurance of about one crore for all the primary cardholders.
  • There are concierge services from all the hotel and restaurant reservation bookings, gift delivery, etc.

For whom is this card for?

This fantastic card is for those who seek to have all the personal benefits from selective places.

How can you apply for a no-fee credit card online?

If you wish to apply for a no-fee credit card online, then follow these steps to know more.

  1. Visit a third-party source or portal which you think is wholly trusted.
  2. Fill in with all your details like employment, status, age, etc.
  3. From the custom eligibility list, if you have met the criteria and the requirement, you can select for the zero annual membership fee-free credit card.
  4. The application is made in just a few minutes. You have to wait in.
  5. Once you are done with the application, you can track the status of your card.

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On successful transaction made, an SMS will be sent to your number, and you can get your credit card issued anytime that you want.


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