Top 4 cities in India to start a startup

India is an amazing place where you can start your start-up for the very first time. When it comes to counting the GDP, India becomes one of the 9th largest nations to host companies and to start your venture. When it comes to purchasing parity, India stands at the top so it is relatively easy to open up a venture in India for the very first time and conduct your startup. With the help of this article, we will present to you the top 4 places in India which are ideal for you to open up your startup for the very first time.

Top places in India for starting your startup:

  1. Bengaluru

10 most promising Bengaluru-based startups to watch in 2016 | Business Insider India

When it comes to managing the business mogul then we can count our options on Bangalore. This amazing place located in India has been the house for about 5 out of 8 unicorn business. Big company names such as Flipkart, Ola, InMobi, Quikr, and MuSigma are all part of the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is an idealistic place for your startup for the features mentioned. 

  • The capital structure of the place and the infrastructure is on point. Known as the silicon valley of India, there are around large companies that have already made their base in Bangalore. There are IT hubs, sectors, and a lot of other based retail brands whose headquarters are located in Bangalore. It is an amazing place both in terms of beauty and cash.
  • The entrepreneurship of the people and the hostile environment gives away the perfect startup culture. It is a good place for a businessman to start their venture for the very first time. If you have ever been to Wall Street then you might know the feeling that you can fathom from here.
  • The cultural expansion is top right here. The city has the highest reach from the HSR layout to Koramangala. Recently, PayTM have opened their services in Bangalore and is considered to lay down a deposit of about 5m for their new brand opening. Bangalore is the hotspot for emerging new lines of business.

  1. Mumbai

A report card for Mumbai—the world's top emerging startup hub — Quartz India

If you have seen and roamed the city, you know the streets of Mumbai are filled with the hustle of daily crowd and people from every single place coming to a place to find their living. Mumbai is the ninth most populous city in India and is the breeding ground for new work spheres since there is a lot of technical hub in this place and most of the business moguls have already structured their brand here.

  • Mumbai can be known as the city of the millionaire. A lot of actors and actresses are from this place and they have built their mansions from all around to live in luxury. But the IT hub in Mumbai is off-sided since most of the riches are found from the entertainment industry here. The IT hub in Mumbai is still growing and lacks a backbone for the proper structure. If you have a startup plan indicating towards the entertainment and media industry, this is the place to join.
  • The city has about 43% of the maritime income. This means that the city is the largest import and export corporation have accounted for about half of the riches of the city. It is a perfect place for a person to learn the pioneers of the trading sector and build a startup that dwells from the same nature.
  • SEPZ is the new economical law that is based in Mumbai right now. The startup culture is a new found scenario in Mumbai since most of the IT hubs are taking their interest there. The new laws according to SEPZ states that every single startup can have their respective business ethics which can be ruled to the memorandum for commencement.
  • If you have heard about Haptick or even Wizrocket then you must know that these two startups are founded from the galis of Mumbai itself. Mumbai is the second largest city in India which accounts for about 63% of the profit made from the ever-growing messaging apps. Since Mumbai is the land of the youth, it is a perfect scope for tech startups to find their place.
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  1. Hyderabad

Startup at IIT-Hyderabad develops low-cost portable ventilator- The New Indian Express

In some ways, it can be said that Bengaluru’s gain has been Hyderabad’s loss. Both are accounted to be one of the most growing cities for IT and leading tech hubs located in India. About 67% of the business related to the IT sector has been conducted right over here. Hyderabad is a perfect place for your startup mostly if the product or the service is based on tech related. The ecosystem has faced a crisis back in 2008 but with the proper financial aid and management by the government during the time, Hyderabad has managed to stay on top of the list.

  • The thriving community and the startup culture in Hyderabad have made it the perfect place or breeding ground for IT hubs and tech related companies. This amazing place has a promising future for all the leading companies and even new companies who are looking forward to expanding.
  • NALSAR, Uber, and even ISB are the origins of Hyderabad. These leading companies have accounted for about 56% of the total leading sales of the place.
  • The universities which are here in Hyderabad provide Angel networking groups for people who are looking to host their business and looking for a perfect place to gain a proper customer for startups. Hyderabad has leading business coaches and proper educational institutions for owners who are looking forward to expanding their venture and at the same time, trying to gain better.
  • IIT minister Rama Rao has spoken and has said that the whole government wants to see Hyderabad as a breeding ground for more ventures. This leading IT hub of India is accepting more industries that can be included in the journey as there are top services provided to help your startup into something magnificent right over time.
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  1. New Delhi

11 Most Affordable Coworking Office Spaces In Delhi For Startups

One of the top three unicorns of India, New Delhi has emerged in the top position for hosting a feasible platform for startups on a lot of features. New Delhi, which was once known as the business hub of India is now emerging to be the top name. For a change, a lot of sectors are shifting their headquarters from Bangalore to Delhi for the business culture and better scenario prevailing in the city in terms of fund allocation.

  • There are several large industries that are located in New Delhi and one of the topmost are PayTM Zomato and even SnapDeal. There are several large IT hubs that have made their way as well as multinational companies too. Telecommunications and other industrial sectors have been persistent in Delhi and that is why the growing capita income of the city is increasing.
  • There are around 220 technology startups that have made their way in Delhi in the last year. In 2019, the total sector contributed to about 65% of the total profit which has been made. This included a lot from the financial sectors and banking, trade related.
  • By searching through Yourstory, you can find out that Delhi has an ever growing enthusiasm about the workplace culture. The sector has won around different awards from all around and has a budding name for sectors from all around the world. The main reputation lies in the financial and the business sectors that have opened their new branches in New Delhi and currently looking for better scopes for expansion at the same place.
  • The whole work ecosystem of New Delhi is properly cultured. With the help of the budding entrepreneurs and business consultants from all around, there are names for famous sectors who have held various career seminars in New Delhi. Delhi since being the official ground for startups have about 67% of the headquarters located in India. There are around 200 international delegates located in Delhi and startups from all around the world have pitched their ideas on the seminars and webinars which are conducted here.
  • Notable startup such as the HealthKart is one of the main and forms the cover story for a lot of young owners. This amazing startup which once started with a small brand name and a group of about 6 people has now emerged to be a business inventory over time. The workplace of Delhi has helped the business management and owners to form a better line of workplace and culture.
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These amazing places located in India forms one of the most top and well-based platforms for holding a venture. Gaining trust over time, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai are expanding their business ventures and business capitalists are looking forward to investing more for the better. One of the most major commercial hubs and industries have settled their spots in Bangalore and it is slowly going to emerge as the most chosen and active location for Indian startups to locate their base. On the other hand, a lot of other companies from the foreign media are showing active interests and we are about to see a global expansion in India with calculated efforts and support from capitalists, all around.

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