Micromax IN Smartphone Series to Launch Soon

Micromax looks set to roll out two new smartphones for the Indian market, after a video tweeted this week by Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma got the tech world buzzing with excitement and speculation. 

Rumours abound over the potential pricing, specs and launch date of the new products, with the roll out apparently scheduled for November 2nd. 

The two new phones, the IN1 and IN1a are in the mid-range segment but augmented with eye-catching new features. They are rumoured to use MediaTek Helio chips, G35 and G85, noted for their high performance and focus on mobile gaming experience enhancement. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Specs and speculation

While all of the rumours and speculation are unconfirmed at the time of writing, Micromax IN1 is reported to have 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage and runs off the MediaTek Helio G35 chip. As well as dual rear camera setup with a 13Mp primary and 2MP secondary camera. And an 8MP selfie camera is what goes at the front. 

The Micromax IN1a boasts 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage but has the slightly higher spec G85 chip at its core. Micromax IN1a is also said to have a triple rear camera setup with 13MP primary camera, 5MP secondary, 2MP third camera, along with 13MP selfie camera. Pretty amazing details.

However, what is so special about the mentioned MediaTek Helio chipsets is that they offer enhanced user experience for mobile video games. Meaning that these phones might boost even heavier the mobile gaming sector in India.

The G35 features MediaTek HyperEngine gaming performance optimization. This involves intelligent resource management to ensure lag-free operation, boosting the mobile gaming experience. It minimises frame rate dips by way of dynamically balancing GPU, CPU and memory resources. It can switch to the most reliable WiFi source automatically, making the transition in just 13ms. With improved power efficiency the G35 offers a boost in performance, punching far above its weight, and providing great battery life to keep you gaming longer. The combo of elements goes beyond the chip, enhancing the whole smartphone.  

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What’s more, the G85 also features MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology,  providing a slick, powerful and reliable experience, with sustained performance as it seeks out the most reliable sources of connection, as well as picture quality upgrades. The Arm Mali-G52 GPU pumps out a  1GHz Graphics Core, supercharging performance for gamers. Just like the G35, it switches in a split second between WiFi signals to provide a lag-free, sustained gaming experience.

It is also speculated for these smartphones to be available in the market at the price of Rs 7000 to Rs 15000.

Mobile gaming market in India

India, like the rest of the world, has embraced video games for mobile platforms. As technology becomes more advanced and more affordable, mobile gaming is having its day in the sun, having been often overlooked in the past by ‘serious’ gamers. Now that the technology can support console favorites transposed to mobile, as well as many games designed specifically for your smartphone or tablet, it has become a legitimate gaming platform. 

In India, mobile phones are far more popular than consoles for gamers. The number of mobile gamers in the country stood at approximately 201 million in 2016 and is projected to rise to 370 million by 2022.

As well as perennial favorites such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Minecraft, online casino games are popular in India. Card games, slot machines as well as Blackjack, Backgammon, and traditional Indian game Jhanda Munda are all adapted for mobile devices, with cash prizes, bonuses, and promotions to play for. Most online casinos have their own apps to make it simple for beginners. For example, Asiabet recommends  Karamba, Pure Casino, WILDZ Casino app, or Megapari apps among others, for making your iGaming easier and more enjoyable. 

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For commuters, puzzles and other simple games such as Monument Valley, Crossy Road, and Infinity Loop offer hours of repetitive and addictive fun. 

That being said, the industry is growing fastly without any indices of stopping. 

Smartphone Market in India

This is all pretty intuitive knowing that India is the world’s second-largest market for smartphones and mobile devices. One of the reasons for the ubiquity of smartphones in the country is that they make internet use affordable – many Hindu people cannot afford a computer or a broadband contract and mobiles provide a cheaper alternative to stay connected. 

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic knocked the wind out of the industry, as it did every sector of the economy. But the smartphone market has been quick to bounce back, inspiring cautious optimism among observers. 

In conclusion, Gamers will be spoilt for choice this winter with two powerful smartphones emerging. If the rumours are true, the Micromax IN1 series may well dominate the midrange segment, offering an irresistible combination of power and value.

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