The Second Wave Has Begun In India: Will India Impose Another Lockdown From November 10th??? Here’s All You Need to Know

The speed of the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating once again. The spread of the infection around the world is gaining momentum again. This is why Britain also announced lockdown-2 after France to avoid its outbreak. After the news came out, another question came to India’s mind, can the central government re-impose a lockdown in India from November 10th?

The Second Wave of Coronavirus has also begun in India: Recently, AIIMS Delhi Director Randeep Guleria warned that the second wave of COVID-19 in India has already begun. People should not leave the house without necessary. Randeep Guleria issued this statement when the number of corona patients across the country has been increased rapidly. The director of AIIMS said that due to negligence and air pollution, corona infection will continue to rise. Attention should be paid to this situation. Otherwise, the situation may be frightening.

46,967 new cases: In India, 46,967 new cases of corona infection have arrived in the past 24 hours. The total number of positive cases has increased to 81,84,088, and after 475 new deaths, the mortality rate has increased to 1,22,116. The number of active coronavirus cases in the country is 5,70,462, and the number of cured cases is 74,91,518.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, has announced the second lockdown in his country from November 5. This lockdown will last until December 2. After Johnson announced the lockdown, he asked people to stay indoors. He also said that after December 2, the government will work hard to review the situation. Only after this can further decisions be made. When sharing a video message from PM’s official tweeter handle, Johnson said that the country will be under lockdown from November 5, and the lockdown will take effect on December 2, 2020.

france lockdown

Leaving Paris before lockdown: After the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in Europe, the French government implemented a second lockdown in France starting from Thursday night. A few hours before the start of another lockdown, Parisians scrambled to leave the city. By seven o’clock in the evening, the traffic volume increased greatly and the roads were jammed 700 kilometers long. 

After the COVID-19 cases escalated, France has imposed a strict lockdown until December 1st. Due to such statements issued by Western countries, Indians have begun to discuss the possibility of imposing another lockdown in India from November 10th. Although, in India, the graph is down, so there is currently no such possibility. However, the responsibility to remain vigilant rests on all of us.

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As of November 1, the total number of investigations conducted in the country for the prevention of the coronavirus has exceeded 11 million. Although it is gratifying that the number of cases has reached 97,000, it has been halved in recent days, but several states are increasing.

In this regard, Dr. NN Mathur, director of Lady Hardinge Medical College, said that every state has its curve, and so does a country has. The country’s curve has fallen, but the state’s curve is slightly different. In some places, it is declining, and in some places, it shows an upward trend. COVID-19 wave is different in each state. If one state has an increasing pattern, then other states may also experience this trend.

Due to the possibility of another outbreak of the coronavirus, many countries have imposed a second lockdown. The second lockdown has been imposed in various countries like Britain, France. The cases in Europe and America are very high, and the mortality rate is also very high. After the number of cases has dropped, they have surged again in recent days. France and Germany have less population than India, but the situation in our country is much better.

Satyendar Jain, Delhi Health Minister said on Saturday that as the virus has “spread” to the community, it is “impossible to eliminate the spread of coronavirus through a lockdown” and people should wear masks as a vaccine until the real treatment/medication is available.

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When interacting with reporters, the minister said that at the beginning of coronavirus, the lockdown was imposed because it was a new virus at the time, and its behavior was completely unpredictable. You could learn a lot from the lockdown, and many people said that after 21 days of lockdown, the spread of the virus would stop, or when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, the virus will stop spreading.

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Did it stop? 

So, the experience learned from the exercise is that since the virus has spread throughout the community, it is impossible to eliminate the spread of coronavirus through the lockdown, he said when asked if restrictions like lockdown could be imposed if a spike in cases continues.

But as far as the lockdown is concerned, this is not a cure for corona, but a decision by the government. It must be seen how to prevent the growth of infection if the number of cases increases. Since economic factors are also considered, the state and the central government can only make a decision after reviewing the situation.

If the problem starts to become serious, small lockdowns can be imposed in smaller areas or cities. The possibility of imposing a lockdown in the entire country is very unlikely.

Subhash Chandra Garg, a former finance secretary, said that we all know that the premature hard lockdown enforced across the country to curb the coronavirus pandemic is the main cause of India’s economic collapse.

The economy of India shrank by a record of 23.9% in the three months ended June, mainly due to the 68-days hard lockdown enforced on March 25, which closed factories and commercial establishments and terminated public transportation caused millions of migrant workers caused an exodus of millions of migrant workers from the cities back to their rural homes and restrict citizens to indoors.

What if the government imposes lockdown again? How will India’s GDP be affected again?

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