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Mockery Of The Indian Judiciary And Legal System. Cancellation Of 15-Hour Bail After Public Outrage Has Set A Landmark Judgement Hinting That The Public Needs To Be Conscious Because The Law Is Sleeping!!

Pune, Porsche, Police, Pizza, Public outrage cancelling 15-hour bail, and now the driver is behind the wheel: Wow, what a law and mockery of the Indian Judicial System!

If you are a person who consumes genuine news on a daily basis, then the Pune Porsche accident is not unknown to you. Everyone is pointing to the rich spoiled brat (the murderer), the bad parenting and the irresponsible behaviour of the bartenders for serving alcohol to minors and the bar cultures….however, the most defunct in all of these is the Indian Judicial System! 

If you do not believe that, hear this video from Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave, who asserts that ‘Indian Judiciary Is At Its Weakest In Modern Indian History’. He adds that he has been publicly saying for a long time, for say from the last decade, that the ‘Judicial System has failed; it is hijacked by the rich and the powerful’. Such strong statements from such a Senior Advocate define why people are losing trust in the judiciary and why the crime rates are increasing from every corner of the nation.

In this case of Pune Porshe Accident, consider the timeline of events below, and you will yourself understand that judicial system is defunct in these modern era and the law barely seems working.

May 18– Minors (17-18 years) have been served alcohol in two bars over the course of time till midnight (Law broken because the legal age of drinking in Maharashtra is 25 years, at least on documents)

May 19, midnight: The minor, Vedant Agarwal, The son of a rich realtor from Pune Vishal Agarwal, in a drunken state, hit two techies’s vehicle from the back so harshly that one died on the spot, and the other succumbed to injuries. (Law broken because drinking and driving is not allowed, at least on documents)

Why we are saying, ‘at least on documents’ because this is not the first time these laws are broken; time by time, they are broken and just meant to be written on documents, and their validity ends on papers only!

Till now, you are convinced that the law is broken at every stage in our country. Below the lane, you will realise how the law is made puppet in the hands of the rich and powerful.

After the accident, the public came in numbers and started beating the drunk minor for his murder attempt and handed him to the police. The public was relieved that they had given the ‘murderer’ in the hands of the saviours of law; however, they perhaps knew that saviours of law in India became the servants of the rich when they saw some rich, powerful background of the culprit.

After the accident, Between 2 and 2.30 pm on May 19, a clutch of crime reporters outside Pune’s Yerwada police station saw something odd. They saw a man in a safari suit climb out of one of the Mercedes cars, carrying seven or eight red pizza boxes. He started to go in through the main entrance but changed his path to the back entrance when he saw them.” Inside the police station, the teenager (the rich drunk minor) sat in the chair of Assistant Commissioner of Police Aarti Bansode. The man in the safari suit handed him the pizza, and quite casually, the boy began tucking in.

Wow, what a treatment to the murderer!

  • The one who sliced the lives of two has been awarded with a slice of pizza.
  • The one who ended two lives sat on the chair of assistant commissioner of police, for which the common public has to pass extremely tough UPSC examinations.

If that is the pathetic condition of law in India, then let’s assume there is no need to earn degrees and get examinations. Just earn enough, commit a crime, and sit on the coveted chairs of the assistant commissioner of police and enjoy a slice of pizza. 

Now, you might be thinking the police personnel were just trying to calm ‘the murderer’ as if he got panicked after doing such a heinous crime. But wait, there’s a twist. Eatables were served to him, and the alcohol test was conducted very late so that the alcohol content from the blood diminished, and it can be proved that the minor, oh, the murderer, was not in a drunken state. 

May 19– Early morning: The sun rises, and we get the hope that justice will be served. However, the Indian Judicial system is blind, with the greatest respect.

blindness in indian law

The MLA, Sunil Tingre, arrived at the Yerwada Police Station (where the murderer was served the pizza). And within hours, he was granted bail. If you calculate in total, after committing the heinous crime, within 15 hours, he was granted bail on the condition of writing a 300 word essay!!! Yes you heard that right; cost of two lives = 300 word essay!!!

Everything was going fine, but the public was now conscious. By this time, it lost all his faith on the judicial system and started questioning the government machineries for behaving in such a disgusting manner. 

After the public outrage, the Pune Police came into action, cancelled the bail, and took custody of the murderer/minor till June 5. And now the Pune Police Commissioner asserts that the blood report, whether positive or negative, is not important; the murderer/minor has committed the crime in full senses and has knowledge that his act of consuming liquor and then driving a vehicle at high speed in a narrow lane can cost the lives of people.

The case took another turn when police decided to examine alleged protocol violations in the hours after the event, including claims of “preferential treatment” for the 17-year-old. A report claims that officers and workers at the Yerwada police station would be questioned. The charges include postponing a medical evaluation that should have taken place right away to determine the boy’s blood alcohol level.

Now, you might be thinking that justice will be served. Wait, justice is not so easy in the Indian Judicial System. 

As per the latest news, now the teen is saying that the family driver was behind the wheel and his friends are backing his claim. The family driver stated in an earlier statement that he was driving the Porsche at the time of the accident. Vishal Agarwal, the murderer’s realtor father, has also stated that the car was driven by a driver he employed. Just disgusting!!!

The questions all the government machinery needs to answer for the common public are-

How did the court grant bail for such a heinous offence of murdering two people? Granting 15 hours bail has set a landmark judgement that if one has money, they can take the law for a ride and on the other side, there are thousands of people dying in jail just because they do not have enough funds to toss the law of the nation. Is it what we call ‘law is equal for all’?

Why did the cancellation of bail take place after the public outrage? Imagine if that midnight, if the public was sleeping peacefully, thinking that all the government machinery is there positioned to take care of the law and order of the nation, then this case would have calmed like any other case. The murderer would have been walking free after ending two lives, breaking the laws, and the families of two deceased would have been born with the pain of losing their loved ones, and years would have been passed, struggling for justice.

Is it the duty of the common public or the government machinery to take care of the law and order of the nation? Are high-level IPS officers involved in this case? It’s high time that these officers do justice to the family of the deceased and prove that the ‘Steel Frame of India’ is not rusting because of the money and power!

The Last and most important question: If the family driver was behind the wheel, then why did this fact come now? All these started because of the 15-hour bail given to the murderer, as thought the minor.

  • If the crime has been committed by someone else, then why the FIR was not made in the name of the driver itself, just after the accident took place?
  • If the driver has committed crime, then why the alcohol test was conducted on the minor?
  • If the driver had done the accident, then why was the father of the minor running?

It emerges as since the rich minor brat has to be saved at every possible cost, and for the same, the loss of two lives was charged on another innocent poor life!!

In yet another recent case, a 15-year-old boy was sent to the juvenile board after he hit four. To your shock, know that this is yet another rich brat who killed two in October last year. What is not the point to understand is why people are so casual about giving their minors the car keys. Perhaps, because the parents are themselves very lethargic and they know if they have money in their pockets, they can cover the loss of life with those beautiful pink notes….

Recall the similar case of a famous Bollywood actor who drove and killed people in footpaths, and now the person is walking free and enjoying life. It seems that the rich and powerful are powerful enough to suppress and play with the law. 

As per the recent news, there seems to be a track of shifting the blame to the driver so that the real murderer, the son of the rich and powerful, could be saved. And if it really happens, and the judicial system fails to punish the real murderer, then this case would have given pain to three innocent lives.

Can anyone mock the Indian Judicial System just because they have a plethora of those pink notes? Is that weak, our third pillar of democracy?

Priyanka Chakraborty
Priyanka Chakraborty
Chakraborty is a Digital Journalist at Inventiva who drafts content on current social topics. Her forte is documenting opinionated content based on data, facts, and numbers while adhering to media ethics, which go beyond simply crafting news headlines. Her core intent in writing such content is that every word her viewers read should give meaningful insights to their time spent on the articles.


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