Movie Marketing – Why Viral Theatrical Trailers Do All The Magic ?

People usually judge the Movie by watching the official theatrical trailer. Some movie trailers are so creative and have the power to left the audience in awe. An honest fact is Trailers are incredible stimuli that make or break the total promotion mix of the film.

To watch a film, we have to pay some money, abandon some important work and most importantly we have to let go off nearly 3 hours in our life. But, to watch a trailer no money required, we watch as we go and it only takes 2 minutes of our time. We judge the movie, actors, music, taking, etc. in a mere 120-second movie trailer.
Filmmakers do a lot of research for writing a story, they go through a lot of turmoil to find a suitable producer, they face a lot of turbulence to select the actors and also to make them say OK, they are in under constant stress to complete the shooting as per schedule, they are worried because of the technicians skills, and finally after the release, they will get cold chills all through their spine until the talk of the movie is out in the public.
In between these, there come promotional activities and the lifeblood of any movie’s marketing activity is Theatrical Trailer. It should be edited in a way that attracts the audience in an instant manner, it should fire the curiosity in viewers, it is the only way around to make the people know about the movie. A well-edited movie trailer can make wonders to the filmmakers, it brings the demand for the film among the distributors, theatre owners, etc and can attract premium amounts.
A movie trailer has the power to turn the normal audience into hardcore fans for the movie. Usually Trailers are made in a way that is targeted towards mass people and if it turns out to be successful, the movie makers have some certainty that people loved our trailer and they will definitely watch the movie and spread the word to their peers also and if it is family genre movie, movie makers usually target family audience which brings more walk-ins and more income to producers, distributors, theater owners and most importantly to the food counters in the theaters.
What happens if the trailer proved to be a disaster?
If the trailer is not liked by the people, they don’t care about it and there comes no intention or interest to watch the movie, in this case, the filmmaker turns out to be a failure in promoting their film effectively. Then the movie team releases another trailer or a trailer which shows the picturization of a wonderful song, with a good song in a trailer, it has more chances of success and film promoters buy the prime time ads in television channels to fascinate and woo the audience.
YouTube Ads and releasing the trailer in YouTube channels is very common nowadays and a trailer of a big movie star usually garner millions of views in a matter of hours. The fans also share the trailer through various mediums like Facebook, Twitter, etc and In less than a day, most of the potential audience for the movie have already watched the trailer and most of them use the music, background scores, dialogues as their ringtones, caller tones, etc which make the content of the movie trailer go viral.
A Viral Movie trailer is like a golden egg, it make lofty amounts of money to producers, a good name to the director, and a never-ending fame to the actor and after the release of the movie, if it meets the expectations of the audience, the movie becomes a blockbuster hit and win many awards in national and international film festivals, inspires and entertains many people. If the movie turns out to be a disaster, it brings huge loses to the producers, bring ill-fame to the actors and more importantly wastes 3 hours of millions of curious people.
A Trailer which is made creatively with action-packed elements usually wins the hearts of the people and creates a genuine hype around the movie lovers and if the trailer disappoints the audience, there is no way the movie can be promoted well except the way of controversies and news reports.

Poorna Potluri


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