NetApp Excellerator : Five startups Graduate from Cohort 5


NetApp, today announced the graduation of its fifth cohort as part of the NetApp Excellerator demo day. Five startups – CloudSEK,, Lightwing, Coralogix and Curl Analytics has graduated from cohort 5.

During the demo day, the startups showcased their technology impact and market opportunity to an eminent audience comprising of venture capitalists, industry leaders and the NetApp leadership team.

NetApp has added a sponsored proof-of-concept (PoC) model to the Excellerator program. The PoC model gives the startups a platform to prove the potential of their solutions in the real-world.

The startups and NetApp explore technology adjacencies to go to market together and help create technology that changes the world with data. All five startups (graduated in cohort 5) are engaged in PoCs with NetApp.

The Excellerator program has so far mentored 29 B2B technology startups through five cohorts.

Madhurima Agarwal, leader, NetApp Excellerator, said, “The fifth cohort marked the launch of an evolved model where the startups built paid PoCs, which will give them stronger go-to-market opportunities and drive exponential growth. We too have made great strides since our first cohort. Today, we are attracting new-age disruptive companies from around the world.”

Madhurima Agarwal, leader, NetApp Excellerator, added, “We’ve engaged deeply with 29 pioneering startups, including three who have had successful exits. This is the proof of the value NetApp has added to our alumni, enabling them to create tangible commercial success in terms of funding, customer acquisitions and successful exits.”

Lior Redlus, co-founder and CTO of Coralogix said, “Working with the engineering team at NetApp is delightful. We found a team of professionals constantly monitoring their systems to make sure they are operating optimally, and eager to understand how Coralogix log analytics can help identify issues faster and reduce time to resolution.”

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Lior Redlus, added, “We learned about NetApp’s technology, and are now evaluating Cloud Volume ONTAP with the innovation team in Israel. We want to work with cutting-edge technology in the cloud.”

Ravi Chhabria, managing director of NetApp India, said, “We started this program with our own unique outlook as a 27-year-old startup. We continue to innovate across our ecosystem and these young startups enable our customers to change their world with data. With our deep expertise in data management we are uniquely positioned to help them navigate next-generation technologies to scale up their business.”

Ravi Chhabria added, “Their ability to disrupt the tech ecosystem and their vision to drive economic growth is inspiring. Our role as an accelerator is to catapult them to achieve success in delivering compelling solutions to meet customers’ needs. Most importantly, we offer them our trust and credibility, and that is the basis to build any business relationship with a young company.”

The company told that, last year, Adya (first cohort), was acquired by Qualys. ArchSaber, from the second cohort, and VitaCloud from the first cohort, have also had successful exits. SigTuple, Anlyz, FirstHive and others have secured next round of funding.

Registrations for the sixth cohort are open. Data-driven B2B tech product startups with interests in the areas of hybrid cloud, AI, IOT, DevOps, Kubernetes and data management can apply.


Source: Techstory

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