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Passenger vehicle sales set to cross 10 lakh mark in festive period this year

Passenger vehicle sales set to cross 10 lakh mark in festive period this year

The Indian domestic passenger vehicle market is poised for a significant uptick in sales during the upcoming festive period. Robust demand, particularly for utility vehicles, is expected to drive sales past the 10 lakh (1 million) mark. This surge in demand is a common trend during the festive season in India, a period associated with increased consumer spending and celebratory purchases.

Key points regarding the expected boost in domestic passenger vehicle sales during the festive period include:

1. Festive Period Duration: The festive period in India this year spans 68 days, beginning on August 17 and ending on November 14. This extended duration provides ample time for consumer activity and purchasing decisions.

Passenger vehicle sales set to cross 1 mn mark in festive period this year

2. Demand for Utility Vehicles: Utility vehicles are expected to be a major contributor to the surge in sales. These versatile and practical vehicles have gained popularity among Indian consumers and are likely to witness strong demand during the festive season.

3.Festive Season Impact on Sales: Traditionally, the festive season contributes significantly to overall annual sales in the passenger vehicle segment. It typically accounts for around 22-26 percent of the total yearly sales.

4. Projected Sales Volume: Given the overall projection of passenger vehicle sales totaling around 40 lakh units for the fiscal year, the festive season is expected to contribute to around 1 million units sold during this period.

5. Festive Buying Trends: It’s noteworthy that cultural considerations play a role in buying decisions during this period. Certain days within the festive season are considered inauspicious for making purchases, which influences the timing of buying decisions.

Passenger vehicle sales expected to cross 10-lakh mark in festive ...

6. Automaker Perspective: According to Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer (Marketing and Sales) at Maruti Suzuki India, the festive season traditionally witnesses a substantial increase in vehicle sales. This year’s sales are expected to be bolstered by strong demand and the appealing range of vehicles available to consumers.

Overall, the festive season in India serves as a crucial period for various sectors of the economy, including the automobile industry. The surge in consumer spending and enthusiasm during this time contributes to economic growth and underscores the importance of understanding cultural factors in shaping consumer behavior.

Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer (Marketing and Sales) at Maruti Suzuki India, has expressed optimism about the continued strength of the domestic passenger vehicle market in India. He highlighted the following points:

Maruti Suzuki says passenger vehicle sales set to cross 10 lakh mark in ...

1. Strong Sales Trend: The Indian automobile industry has experienced robust sales performance throughout the current fiscal year. Notably, the months of April, May, June, and July have seen the best-ever sales figures during this period. July recorded the second-highest monthly sales ever at approximately 3.52 lakh units.

2. Expectations for August: Srivastava anticipates that the positive trend will persist in the upcoming months, with August sales expected to remain in the range of around 3.5 lakh units. This projection indicates a sustained high level of demand within the domestic passenger vehicle market.

3. Continued Demand: Demand indicators remain strong within the industry, contributing to the favorable sales trajectory. Consumer interest and purchasing activity have remained notable drivers of the industry’s performance.

4. Monsoon Impact: Srivastava also identified two factors that could influence the market moving forward. One of these is the performance of the monsoon season between August and September. The monsoon has a significant impact on agricultural output and overall economic activity in India, which can subsequently affect consumer sentiment and purchasing behavior.

Srivastava’s insights reflect the intricate relationship between economic and environmental factors, consumer preferences, and overall market dynamics. While the positive sales trend indicates a healthy market, keeping a close watch on variables like the monsoon’s performance underlines the need for flexibility and adaptability in navigating the complex landscape of the Indian automobile industry.

Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer (Marketing and Sales) at Maruti Suzuki India, has shared additional insights into the factors influencing the Indian automobile market, especially with regard to vehicle loans and sales projections:

1. Concerns About High Vehicle Loan Rates: A notable concern in the Indian automobile market is the high rate of vehicle loans. Approximately 83 percent of consumers opt for vehicle loans to facilitate their car purchases. The impact of high loan rates on purchasing decisions and overall affordability is an important factor to consider.

2. Festive Period Significance: Srivastava emphasized the significance of the festive period for automobile sales. He indicated that Maruti Suzuki India typically experiences around 22-25 percent of its overall yearly sales during this period. The festive season is marked by increased consumer spending and celebratory purchases, making it a crucial time for the industry.

3. Regional Advantage: Srivastava highlighted that Maruti Suzuki India has a strong presence in smaller centers where the festive period holds particular cultural and consumer significance. This advantageous positioning contributes to the company’s favorable performance during this period compared to other players.

4. Impact of Recently Launched Models: The introduction of new vehicle models by Maruti Suzuki is expected to have a positive impact on sales as the festive season approaches. Fresh offerings in the market can attract consumer interest and contribute to a boost in sales during the celebratory period.

These insights underscore the multifaceted factors influencing car sales in India, ranging from consumer preferences and purchasing behavior to cultural dynamics and economic considerations.

The festive season’s importance, along with the introduction of new models, serves as key drivers of Maruti Suzuki India’s sales projections and strategies for navigating the evolving market landscape.

The sentiments of optimism and anticipation for a strong festive season are shared across various segments of the Indian automobile industry:

1. Maruti Suzuki’s Confidence: Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest carmaker, holds a substantial market share of around 43 percent in the overall passenger vehicle segment. The company’s representative expressed confidence in the upcoming festive season, citing sustained strong demand and a positive outlook for the period.

2. Tata Motors’ Positive Outlook: Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Managing Director, Shailesh Chandra, echoed similar sentiments, expressing expectations of a promising festive season. He emphasized that the demand has remained robust and sustainable over multiple quarters, indicating a positive trajectory for the industry.

3. Optimism in Retail: The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) also noted a sense of optimism in the industry regarding an increase in retail sales as the festive season approaches. The association highlighted that inventory levels in the passenger vehicle segment have surpassed the 50-day mark in preparation for the upcoming festival season.

4. Challenges and Concerns: While there is optimism, certain challenges and concerns persist. FADA noted that the slowdown in entry-level cars remains a noteworthy issue. Additionally, the projection of below-average rainfall by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) for August could potentially impact crop yields, particularly in rural regions. This could affect purchasing power, especially in areas reliant on agriculture.

The convergence of positive expectations and challenges underscores the complex interplay of economic, climatic, and consumer factors in shaping the automobile market. The outlook for the festive season remains significant for the industry, impacting both short-term sales and long-term industry performance.

As the industry navigates these dynamics, strategies that balance optimism with preparedness for potential challenges will be essential for a successful and impactful festive period.



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