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Sad News: Pepperfry CEO Ambareesh Murty Passes Away Due to Cardiac Arrest

Sad News: Pepperfry CEO Ambareesh Murty Passes Away Due to Cardiac Arrest

Ambareesh Murty, the co-founder and CEO of Pepperfry, has sadly passed away at the age of 51 due to a sudden cardiac arrest. This unexpected loss occurred in Leh on Monday, 7 August, leaving the business and technology community in shock. Ashish Shah, who co-founded Pepperfry alongside Murty, conveyed the tragic news on Twitter. Shah expressed his profound devastation, describing Murty as not only a friend and mentor but also a brother and soulmate. He shared that Ambareesh Murty’s life was claimed by a cardiac arrest in Leh and requested prayers for him and his family, urging for strength to be extended to those close to him during this incredibly challenging time.

Ambareesh Murty’s passing marks the departure of a prominent figure in the Indian startup ecosystem. As the co-founder and CEO of Pepperfry, he played a pivotal role in shaping the e-commerce landscape and leaves behind a significant legacy. His contributions and impact on the industry will undoubtedly be remembered and his absence deeply felt by colleagues, friends, and the wider business community.

Swati Bhargava, the co-founder of Cashkaro, expressed her profound sadness and shock on Twitter in response to the sudden passing of Ambareesh Murty, co-founder of Pepperfry. In her tweet, she conveyed her condolences, stating that it was indeed sad and shocking news to learn of his demise due to a cardiac arrest.

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Swati Bhargava extended her wishes for Ambareesh Murty’s soul to rest in peace. She also recognized his exceptional entrepreneurial journey and the inspiration he provided to many individuals. Bhargava expressed hope that his legacy, intertwined with Pepperfry, would endure and continue to make an impact. She concluded her tweet with the hashtag #RIP, signifying her respect and mourning for Ambareesh Murty’s untimely departure.

Just prior to his passing, Ambareesh Murty had celebrated a significant milestone in his journey with Pepperfry. He marked his 12-year tenure at the company with a post on his LinkedIn profile, showcasing his dedication and commitment to the venture he co-founded.

Ambareesh Murty’s educational background is equally notable. He graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Calcutta in the 1996 batch, emphasizing his strong foundation in engineering and technology. Prior to that, he had obtained his Bachelor’s in Engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering in 1994, highlighting his early academic achievements that laid the groundwork for his subsequent entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ambareesh Murty initiated his journey into the business world by establishing Pepperfry, a prominent home decor company headquartered in Mumbai. The company was founded in 2012 and has since become a notable player in the e-commerce landscape, offering a diverse range of home furnishings and decor items to consumers.

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Before his venture with Pepperfry, Ambareesh Murty had a professional association with eBay, a globally recognized e-commerce platform. His experience and insights gained from his time at eBay likely contributed to his acumen and understanding of the online retail industry, which he later channeled into the creation and growth of Pepperfry.

Following his graduation from IIM Calcutta in 1996, Ambareesh Murty embarked on a professional journey that spanned various industries, showcasing his diverse interests and skills. He kickstarted his career as a management trainee at Cadbury and was subsequently placed in Kerala as an area sales manager, where he gained valuable experience in sales and management.

After his tenure at Cadbury, Ambareesh Murty’s career path led him to explore different sectors, illustrating his broad-ranging curiosity and versatility. He joined ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company (AMC), where he delved into launching mutual fund products, expanding his expertise in the financial domain. Later, in 2003, he spent six months with Levi Strauss India, based in Bengaluru, before deciding to venture out on his own entrepreneurial path.

In 2003, Ambareesh Murty took the plunge into entrepreneurship by founding Origin Resource, a financial training enterprise. This move demonstrated his proactive approach to exploring opportunities and creating new ventures. This diverse professional journey and his varied experiences likely contributed to his skills, knowledge, and vision, which he later applied to the establishment and growth of Pepperfry.

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Ambareesh Murty’s X (formerly known as Twitter) profile carried a distinct touch of humor and self-awareness, as he humorously referred to himself as a “closet sociopath.” This lighthearted description offered a glimpse into his playful personality and his ability to approach life with a sense of wit and candor.

With a rich and varied professional background, Murty accumulated an impressive 27 years of experience in general management across diverse sectors. His expertise spanned FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), financial services, and the internet industries. This comprehensive breadth of experience underscored his adaptability and the wide-ranging skill set he brought to his various roles. Murty’s multifaceted career journey equipped him with a unique perspective and a robust set of skills that undoubtedly contributed to his success as an entrepreneur and a leader in the business world.

Established in Mumbai in 2012, Pepperfry has rapidly grown into a prominent e-commerce platform for home decor and furnishings. The company’s reach extends to 500 cities, facilitated by a well-developed logistics network. With three strategically located warehouses and over 60 experiential studios spread across 20 cities, Pepperfry has aimed to offer a seamless and immersive shopping experience for its customers.

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According to data from Crunchbase, a platform that provides information about companies and startups, Pepperfry has successfully secured a total funding amount of $245.3 million (approximately ₹1,770 crores) since its inception. This substantial investment highlights the confidence and interest the business community has shown in the company’s potential and growth trajectory. The combination of an extensive delivery network, experiential studios, and significant funding underscores Pepperfry’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction within the realm of home decor and furnishings.



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